seasonal vs permanent job postings?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by optikz, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I was looking online and saw that ups was hiring for seasonal drivers, but I noticed at my location, it doesn't not say seasonal, it says full time package delivery driver. I looked at a few other locations in my state and they all say seasonal, temporary drivers vs my location that does not say that. I currently work at FedEx and have been here 7 years. This is normally the time of year that ups hires temps but from talking to a few of my buddies over at their facility, they are in need of drivers. What's the chances of this being a full time permanent job posting right before peak?
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    What ever your buddies tell you go by what they say they should know if I am understanding you correctly:rolleyes:
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    Never hurts to apply and ask if they call
  4. Big Arrow Down...D

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    It's the free period'll never obtain seniority and most likely get laid off after peak
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    Pretty much anyone hired now is seasonal. Now if they really need drivers and you tear it up come peak then there's a chance they could keep you after and have you try to qualify.
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    Slim to none.
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    I'll see what my friends tell me after they find out today when they get back in. Even the driver I bumper into today said he's been driving 3 months and they just hired 2 off the street in the last 3 months. Was just curious as to why every other listing says seasonal except the one in my location. They said they were in serious need of drivers, they are all working 55-60 hours every week supposedly. I applied, will ask if they call. Can't go from permanent to seasonal especially with a baby on the way
  8. If they are hiring this time of year. It Is seasonal.
  9. Brownslave688

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    It is but it could be an interview basically for full time.

    Basically you could be hired full time but starting nov 1 all days are considered free days and won't go towards gaining seniority. So say you suck it up come peak they are not going to give you a shot to make it come January.
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    So what are "free" days?
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "Free days" are those days where you work yet none of that time is counted toward you earning your seniority.
  12. barnyard

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    Work days that do not count towards seniority.

    Search some and read some more. Others have asked the same question.
  13. Should have told him. Days you work for free and dont get paid.:crazy:
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  14. Bagels

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    Any permanent FT job with UPS will require you to "audition" / qualify for it, even if you're an incumbent PT employee.
  15. upschuck

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    If we didn't ask or answer the same questions, then there'd only be posts from customers, and those don't seem to stay unlocked long.
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    Blow on something else.
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    Has anyone seen my flute? Trackin. Number 1Z123.......
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    It's in a special place
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    The building on 43rd Street? lol