Seasonal with a negative rehire status

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  1. R3439234

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    I worked as a seasonal at the Tulsa OK station last year. I called in 1 day a week before christams due to my wife being in the hospital. We found out she had brain cancer and it was removed after the holidays. After months of rehab and treatments I am happy to say she is doing great. I am now able to start working 2 jobs again. I was given a negative rehire status due to attendance and I cannot get anyone to let me explain the situation and try to get another chance. Any advise?
  2. ajblakejr

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    I have no advice to provide. I hope your wife is doing well...
  3. jennie

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    I am so happy she is doing fine. I don't have advice, just maybe a story that you can think about. One of my co-workers had a sick significant other, who has had heart problems. Had been out of work,( also worked at UPS), then came back.

    Anyway, had an issue with chest pain and went to his car, they wouldn't let her even go out to see him because there was no one to cover her. Me or the other person would of been fine, I am just saying, I sometimes feel you could drop to the floor, and they would say "move her over, so we can get a person in there"

    Maybe they feel that way when you have a family issue, I don't know? I think you should just be re-hired RIGHT back after something like that!!
  4. bubsdad

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    Unfortunately, there isn't any space for reasons for absence during peak. Glad to hear your wife is ok. My advice would be to try to find a different 2nd job.
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    YOu will definately want to contact someone in management or HR and plead your case. If you are lucky they will let you come back.
  6. R3439234

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    Has anyone ever had HR listen to their explanations? They always seem to want to get off the phone quick. And they do not return emails. Maybe Bubsdad is right. I should just find something else and give up on the idea of working for UPS.
  7. R3439234

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    Thanks, I took your advice and emailed HR. I was ready to give up this morning but then I thought why not. I already lost my job what else do I have to lose.
  8. R3439234

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    Does anyone have any contact information for Tulsa station? Any managers or Supervisors contact info. If so send me a private message.