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    My last day as a peak/seasonal driver was supposed to be Monday (Dec 31), but the center sup asked me to come back to work at least Thur and Fri.....Jan 3 & 4.. I agreed, going to work tomorrow!

    Is this normal UPS procedure?
  2. oldupsman

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    It's a good sign that you did a good job. It's how I started. I was 1 of 17 seasonal drivers. They kept 2 of us.
  3. Jackburton

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    Peak ain't over boys, they'll cut routes and still use helpers. Expected unexpected volume is coming in.
  4. You will work until probably the 3rd week of January and then prolly put to a PT job, and thats how they will hold on to you until they can get you FT position. But you will go back to PC driving in June.
  5. 728ups

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    were you in my center today? Thats the way it rolled today: EVERYONE was in the Red
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    How different is that than any other day?
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    I would ask someone for a copy of the contract and read the local supplement portion concerning seniority and or temp help. In my area you would be considered a FT employee if your work any day during Jan and Feb and your seniority date would go back to the first day you started working at UPS.
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    They sent me 3 messages this morning telling me what route I was on. I messaged them at noon asking how long it took them to figure out that I was on vacation.
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    I'm sure those messages were hangover induced...but still.

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    DEC 31 is the last day for reg temps to work, but guess what they are still working us... I filed last year stating that since I worked in Jan. that is my full time start date. Come to find out they tell me that the union and the company had an agreement to let us work (even though it says in the contract that no agreements will be made outside of this contract)..

    My steward told me last year that it wont happen again, but here we are a year later and we are all still working. Supposedly it will be in the next contract that we will work the week after Christmas into the new year... Bunch of BS if you ask me
  12. Gumby

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    Yep our Union made the same stinkin deal!! I wonder how much our B.A. got in his pocket!! I told him to his face.... this morning DO NOT EXPECT MY VOTE FOR YOU NEXT ELECTION!!!! He talks all this union hardball...but caves into the company...When they are trying to suspened and fire everybody!!!!!!!!!!I want my $1000 a year union dues back...We are all pawns in this game!!!!!!! WHO CAN YOU TRUST??...ANSWER...YOURSELF
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    Hmm I wonder if you are near me, They told me it was only our local that made this deal this year.....

  14. barnyard

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    I cannot remember where in the contract that I read it, but there are clauses that read, "to allow the company flexibility to adjust for business conditions."

    If they are using helpers and sending FT drivers home, that is a clear violation and should be grieved. If everyone is working, then it is the company adjusting to a temporary spike in volume.
  15. UPSGUY72

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    No helper or casuals working in my area. In my building we are work 10 and 11 days and they are paying are lunch. We were told we can start early Monday when the preload is wrapped.
  16. Hroller

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    First off I am not a permanent employee. I just come back seasonal. A few years ago, in order to work in January as a driver helper, I was told to sign a waiver stating that I am not considered a full time or permanent employee. This year however, there was no waiver. I was just asked to come in during the first week of Jan. Now I'm coming in again next week, plant supe says our volume is extremely high. They continue to use driver helpers as well.

    I wonder if I'll have to pay union dues for working these two weeks?
  17. happybob

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    Contact the Local Union and ask them what position they have on casuals working post-peak. If they have made side agreements with the company you will probably not get what the contract entitles you to get. If they are honest and reputable union officials you will be made a full-time seniority employee, with your seniority date being the day you started driving as a casual. If the union officials wont hold the company to the contract how can we? Maybe the NLRB can get involved, but seeing how they are run by folks that are beholding to the elected officials in D.C., and that's being run by union endorsed folks...I think you get my drift.