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  1. jljgreene

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    I have an interview this week for a seasonal helper position. Can someone give me some insight on what to expect during the holiday season? Eg. Hours per day, days per week, rate of pay, etc.
  2. lmeiler9831

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    It really depends.... I worked about 5- 6 hours when I was hired during peak, I always got asked to stay and help out, I think I was making 8.50 an hour... but you kinda get the bad end of the stick... I was always asked to help loaders and was usually there til 9:30 everyday... Loaders would leave and I would be stuck wrapping up...
  3. BrownEvo

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    I used to love staying a little later on a Sunday daysort and helping out with 2 other people more money for my pocket heh
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    I went to a group interview for a UPS seasonal driver helper position a little over a week ago. The person who conducted the interview was a UPS driver and he just asked us all a few questions and we filled out this form that stated your availability, uniform sizes, etc. After the interview he scheduled us for a paid orientation where the driver told us they teach us about the job and how to use the diad. I'm not sure at this point if I'm going to attend the orientation because I had a drug test done for a part time position at Fedex so I'll most likely be hired by them plus I already work part time now. If I do get hired by Fedex I'm not sure if the manager will allow me to work at UPS even though its just a seasonal position where I'll be terminated on 12/31. I would like to do the position because of the extra money and the exercise but I'm not sure if its considered a conflict of interest working for two shipping companies. Also the pay rate for the location I live in for the seasonal driver helper position is $9 per hour.
  5. hockeyguys

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    Start this next week for seasonal job and need to know the shoe they require. Some confusion and start tomorrow. Thanks
  6. tonyexpress

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    Welcome to the BrownCafe!

    If you're working inside the building a good lightweight work boot even a steel toe is not a bad idea.

    If you are a driver or driver helper you'll want black or brown polishable type of lightweight work boot. There are many places that get away with black tennis shoes (like high top Nikes for instance) but I'm not sure how strict they are where you are...

    Best to ask H.R. your sup or the driver you are working with before you shell out any dough..This should've been covered in orientation...

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, bought the shoes yesterday, but then the driver did not call today, like they said would happen and when I called in, they told me to call back at 11. Not sure what is going on. Heard rumors that UPS hires and then never uses. Hope that is not true.:dissapointed:
  8. tonyexpress

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    Your work is contingent upon enough volume for the driver to justify using you to help him which is why you were hired. There are all kinds of variables that will determine how much work you get...

    Be persistent call the center directly that you have been assigned to and let them know you are ready, available and will do what it takes...Ask them if there are other drivers that need your help..

    There are only 13 working days until Christmas after today and you'll want to take advantage of being able to work everyone of them if you're serious.

    Again, good luck!