Seasonals and probation

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    So at my hub we got about 15 seasonal drivers all working there butt off because there is 'supposed" to be one hired on FT after peak. My question is will that person have to start their probation on Jan 1st or will they already have it completed during peak? (assuming they did work 30 days).
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    I was first hired as seasonal (package handler not driver) and no my seasonal time did not count towards my probation period.
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    That is quite the carrot they are dangling. I bet there is lots of break skipping and it would not surprise me if one of them has some kind of accident. When pressed, the driver will admit to being in a hurry because he/she wanted to impress someone to have a shot at that one job.
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    1) Come in early and load truck on your own time.

    2)Call and/or text dispatcher with ideas on how to streamline all of the runs.

    3)Always skip lunch, but be sure to enter in diad that you took lunch.

    4)Call pick-up accounts to avoid stopping if they have nothing to ship.

    5)Call as many customers as you can to meet you on road. Make sure they have your cell number.

    These will help with "probation". I know you didn't ask, but I like to offer my help.