Secaucus, NJ lost shipment..

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Jacj3, Feb 4, 2013.

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    So I found and joined this forum as having an issue getting any kinda real help locating my shipment. The shipment was sent out on 1/22/13 from my previous work location to my home. Was suppose to be delivered on 1/25/13, made it to the HUB and had not moved on the 23rd. On Monday the 27th I called ups about a status and they had me call my office who had shipped it to put a lost package tracer on it. So now that has been done but here we are on the 2/4/13 and still nothing. I need this package as it has my clothes and all the tools I require to do my job are in there. Is there anyone I can really contact to get this resolved.
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    Keep checking for replies, Jacj3. Although I can't help you, AND this site is not sponsored or endorsed by UPS, we have had good outcomes in the past with situations like this. Sometimes a member who works inside a facility will be able to help you here.
    Good luck, and welcome to Brown Cafe.
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    Call 867-5309 and ask for Jenny. She should be able to help you out.
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    Never gets old does it...:funny:
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    Yes, it does.:sad-little:
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    Thanks for that useless post appreciate that. Really would like to get this sorted out. Especially since I just got done working recovery in NY for Sandy.
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    While I hope somebody is able to help you, please keep in mind that this is primarily a forum for UPS employees to rant & rave about their jobs. Many, including the site's administrator, do not wish for it to become a contact point for customers, for obvious reasons. Many customers in your position have had success using UPS's Facebook page as a contact method. Good luck.
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    You might have had a problem with labels coming off your package(s) and/or the package(s) have come apart. I've seen it happen many times with shipments like this, with several mixed items packed into a box. I hope that is not the case.
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    What's the tracking number?
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    And then sometimes not.
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    dislike this type of post when someone is sincerely asking for help
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    UPS has a facebook page and it seems to be monitored by UPS employees. You might try posting your saga there.
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    Who asked you?
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    What did you really expect this isn't 1-800 pick ups.
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    It's is what it is. Ill never ever be someone I'm not. If I can't get a laugh then I'd might as well be dead and I would never want that. Life's just to good and funny.
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    i disagree it does not. It never gets old when barnyard directs them to the Facebook page either.
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