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    Hi, I applied to be a package handler for a certain location a few months ago, and went to the information session. It went by smoothly, but was told that I should try an area closer to where I live. Months later, I've moved to an area closer to the location and applied again. The email reminding you of your appointment says not to show up to the information session if you have already attended one. So my question is, since they don't want me to show up again, what is it I should do to show my interest in the position, or should I just go anyway?
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    Show up to show interest. Just tell you've been before and what the deal was; worst case scenario, you just look really interested in the job.
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    I agree. To me it shows a possibly dedicated employee. Moving closer as they suggested shows an ability to work as instructed, and they loooove that. When they ask why you are back, just tell them you were instructed to move closer, so you did. Oh, and also make sure and say you are not the least bit afraid of bone crushingly hard work. You will be hired.
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    Also, the week of my orientation 24 years ago, I forgot the time to show up. I was stressed and couldn't get any information from ups to help me. I remembered the Human Resources guys name, so I pulled out the yellow pages and called and called and called till I found the guy. Later, after being hired he had told me that it initially took him by surprise, but I was hired because I wasn't some dope who would sit around with a thumb up my butt 'waiting' for further instruction. I'm guessing he understood that young adults can be forgetful, but still need to be able to reason.
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    Thank you both. I had my information session today and it went okay. We all wrote down our info, and she briefly interviewed each one of us. I basically said that I was interested and committed to the job for the long run and answered the few questions she asked. It's hard to tell if I did good or not because the questions were basic, but I hope I receive a call back.
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    Yeah, I'd say show up and tell 'em it's your second tour/information center. I did that back in August, was immediately scheduled for an interview the next day and was hired by the end of the week.