Secretary Of State For Transport Opens UPS’s New Biomethane Refuelling Station

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    Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP christens the refuelling station in Tamworth

    The Secretary of State for Transport opened UPS’s new biomethane refuelling station at the company’s hub in Tamworth. Patrick McLoughlin MP also met with senior UPS executives to discuss the use of biomethane in the logistics industry before being given a tour of the Tamworth hub.

    The refuelling station – with a 10 tonne cryogenic tank – will be used to supply fuel to UPS’s 20 dual fuel tractor vehicles with a mixture of diesel and biomethane. The vehicles are then used on long overnight journeys so that the maximum amount of diesel possible is displaced by biomethane – typically achieving a 40 per cent carbon emissions reduction and very low air quality emissions.

    Sustainability has long been an integral part of UPS operations, as the company continually works to make its global transportation network operate more efficiently. UPS is always looking to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship. One of the cornerstones of UPS's strategy is to support the development and use of lower-emission alternative fuels. UPS originally used biomethane vehicles in their operations in the UK for the London 2012 Games, before permanently incorporating them into the UK fleet once the Games had concluded.

    Peter Harris, Director of Sustainability, UPS Europe said: “We have championed biomethane’s suitability as an alternative fuel for several years now, especially for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) where few if any other fuels have the same potential. It’s great to have this opportunity to illustrate to government the benefits biomethane can bring. The transport sector has very limited access to biomethane, as government incentives for producers tend to be preferential towards the energy sector where other alternatives more readily exist. We hope today’s event can encourage a discussion on how best to address this discrepancy.”

    Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP said: “It’s great to see British companies stepping up to the challenges presented by climate change while grasping the economic opportunities that come with developing alternative technologies and fuels. I am really pleased to see this in action here in Tamworth. We are keen to see more use of biogas, which is why we have extended tax incentives on all gas transport fuels. This will provide more support for those considering investing in these technologies.”
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