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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by deathracer, Jun 5, 2009.

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    where i work we have security/ loss prevention that have to wait for their packages while ppl unload. is there a rule to where they can be? i hate being watched while i work and it feels like their watching me the whole time their inside the trailer. i dont mind if they stand outside cause i dont see them so in my mind i can pay more attention to unloading. can i tell them something about this or would i be out of line? i get along with them is just when there right inside the trailer i just feel like im being watched and i feel pressure to unload better/faster.
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    That's exactly what they are doing: trying to pressure you to work harder and faster. Just ignore them and work as usual. When you learn to put them out of your mind, you'll be much happier.
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    If they are in your way (physically), then I would kindly ask them to leave the area so you can do your job properly. otherwise just put it in cruise control, work a bit slower and with utmost safety and concsciousness to handling, arrows/labels up, 8s and 5s..etc

    if you smile alot and talk to the boxes sometimes they will think you are weird and walk away slowly.
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    thanks for the advice when im not doubled up wich is rare im gonna start talking to my self lol. but yeah depending on which one it is they will stand outside the trailer and wait(start falling asleep) for me to give them their bag but some will just stand there and stare at me until i give them bag wich might not even be there or be all the way in the back of a 53 foot trailer i just unloaded by myself.
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    I have been saving this for when my center manager does a ride-along, but it should work for you too...

    Ask this this: "Do you think I'm an attractive man?"

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    pfff on my ride alongs i always "sing." i generally can only remember 1-2 lines of each song, repeat it for a good 10 minutes then on to the next one!

    ...wait i do that when i dont have some1 riding along also! aaahhhhhhhh
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    UPS knows how to make a person crazy. Put two people on a pup and one on a 53'.
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    Meanwhile hope he is not gay and accepting of your advance.:happy-very:
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    We had an on-car that would do that. It was like having my own personal XM radio that I couldn't turn off.
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    Talking to the boxes might work, but screaming a lot will always work. They tend to leave the really crazy ones alone, who wouldn't.

    For ride alongs, I always keep my doors open not matter the weather. Especially on snowing days.
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    On ride alongs I just don't speak unless spoken to. For lunch I drop them at the dinner and I go over to the service station for my lunch because its my hour away from UPS.
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    I would reply but I respect your time away from UPS. :wink2:
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    When I would have a rider and they started talking about safety I would pull over and tell them I can only pay attention to one thing at a time. They would be quite the rest of the day
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    I stop and look at them until theyre gone.

  18. Dracula

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    Poop your pants, then ask if they farted....Works EVERY time....