seeing disturbing things while at stops

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by coldworld, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Coldworld

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    Well both of my disturbing things I saw today had to do with dogs. The first stop I roll down I see a small dog in the horse area chomping away at some horse dung, and Im not talking a little bite, this dog was going to town! Then it hops in my truck with two of its buddies.:poop::poop: (sorry, couldnt help it). Then I get to another stop and a lady lets out her three dogs and the big boy of the group is wearing a homemade diaper. I wanted to say something but just kept quiet. Anyone else have anything to share?
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  3. soberups

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    There is a veterinary clinic on my route, and I go to the carport/service entrance in back to make deliveries.

    The service entance is also where they have the dead animals that are being picked up by the rendering truck or the cremation facility. On pickup day, there will be a pile of dead dogs, cats, goats, llamas etc. all wrapped up in plastic bags and stacked on a pallet. There is often a hoof or a snout sticking out.:dissapointed:
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    Maybe the "big boy" wasn't actually a boy at all - but a female in heat. :happy2: Putting diapers on females that are house dogs is not a new thing.
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    When I was a teenager our family would go camping frequently. We have alot of open grazing land around us on national forest. Our dog that we had would always go roll in the cow manure. Yesh!!!! Caught my dog eating a dead mouse last year.
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    I grew up on a farm in Illinois. My step dad raised pigs and grew crops. His dog loved to eat pig afterbirth and pig balls straight out of the pig. She also swam around in this pond that we had outside of one of the barns. The reason it was so close to the barn is because my dad would scoop all of the pig manure into piles and then skid-load it out into the pond. (It made it easier to clean up because it was pretty much right out the back door.)
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    This definitely is not unusual. Most people don't enjoy little blood spots all over the carpet and furniture.
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    I deliver in a very rural area. Had some interesting dog sightings. Try 9 three legged dogs in three days. Never saw most of them again. Also, a small breed that ran out of house when customer opened door, squated and let loose with something that resembled cherry jello. I informed said customer of this and advised her to get fido to vet. She says mut does it all the time. Dog not long for world.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    If there is one disturbing thing I hate seeing is people who live like slobs and invite you into their home like its a normal thing to have garbage piled waist high in the living room. The smell is incredible and they always want to stop and bull-s for awhile. One thing I notice as a warning is, if you come up to a resi and the yard looks like a battlefield you can almost expect the occupants to live the same way.
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    Man it is unbelievable how some people live. And it is the people who are always home when you deliver who can't seem to clean up after themselves. On my old route there was a retired doctor who lived by himself. He was always working in his yard with his dogs. His place looked really nice... from the outside. When I went there to deliver he opened the door and the smell was terrible. The carpet was covered with dog feces. He has since passed away and the new owners had to replace all the flooring.
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    I hear ya man.Some of them when you look in the door and the light blue carpeting is black with dirt,and dog poo down the steps.What gets me is delivering $400 cell phones,and shopping channel pkgs to small 2 room cockroach infested apartments with no more than a bed and a computer.
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    been there seen that, same thing about 8 years ago had a COD they asked me to come in OMG... news papers, mags. pizza boxes nothing was put in the trash. stacked 5 ft up the walls... Get this just a path to get from one room to the next. they ask me to sit down I asked her where? she pointed to a spot on the couch its the only spot the dog could lay. needless to say I got out as fast as I could.:sick:
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    Had a resi stop at about 1045 this morning. Guy answered the door with a bottle of Bud in one hand. Not too disturbing I guess, but it made me say "Wow" Maybe he works 3rd shift :surprised:
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    Delivering extended area drove down a long lane to a secluded farm house. Laying on top of the hood of the car was the owner, naked, sunning himself. He calmly gets up puts on some tighty whiteys and walks
    up to the package car to get his pkg like nothing is wrong. I now honk as I drive down the lane after that experience.:surprised:
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    or is retired:wink2:
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    i'm in awe that any of you have gone into any customer's house, apt, etc.. i wont even carry a 150 pound pkg into grandma and grandpa's house. UPS's liability ends at the door, anything in that door is YOUR liability. I politely inform them that liability dictates i can not enter and then i will set the pkg in the door if they want, and say have a wonderful day
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    I have worked grave-yard before and stopped a Circle K to get a beer. You funny looks at 6am standing in line with a beer and everyone else has coffee.
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    I remember delivering to some lower income apartments with a kitchen, bathroom,bedroom and small livingroom all in a close area. It was about 85 degrees out and they had bloody meat wrappers and empty milk cartons sitting out on the table. I couldn't wait to get my signature and get out of there. The smell was horrible!
  19. Forty6and2

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    I pulled up to a house to make a delivery one day and someone put this sign in their yard. It is a piece of cardboard with the letters ":censored2::censored2::censored2:" and an arrow pointing to a pile of dog crap! Hillarious!
  20. Cementups

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    are you serious :censored2::censored2::censored2: is censored??? that's stupid

    Speaking of signs, I pulled up to a church one day and the local kids had decided to change the letters around the sign out front. I would love to post a pic but am afraid it would probably get taken down and I would get yelled at via PM.

    I did catch two frogs doing the nasty on day in a puddle: