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Self defense? Did he do anything wrong?

Personally I’d want to be able to return fire on someone doing a drive by on my home.


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Too based to be Obama’s son.

I’d say so.

This is way more impressive than those middle class kids shooting a thief with their daddies rifle. This kid is laying down suppressing fire on a drive by.
I’d be more convinced if I knew what went down an hour, a day, or a week beforehand.

But rushing to judgment is all the rage, so...

El Correcto

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I’d be more convinced if I knew what went down an hour, a day, or a week beforehand.

But rushing to judgment is all the rage, so...
I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be a young entrepreneur in a trade war with his competitors. But the couple minutes I’ve seen of his life had me rooting for him.


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He was my driver helper during Christmas, he is a great kid & doesn't deserve any of that, just trying to make it through college.

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I need that lady from the movie Airplane to interpret this

He seems to have gotten a heads up that people were coming to shoot at his house “they come through here playin”

He then makes a resolution to return fire to his enemies
“On god ima twerk this hoe”

He then promises that he handles his own problems his way.
“I go everywhere by myself on god”

He then makes it clear that he doesn’t intend to leave grudges unsettled
“I ain’t beefing with none the ***** on Facebook no mo, I ain’t beefing with no ****** in northside no mo”

He then gets frustrated at his enemies for continuing to drive on after the shooting then dares them to come back promising on what I’m assuming is a dead family member or friend (Ray Ray) he will finish it.
“The friend* wrong with these N* bro quit playin, spin back through on lil Ray Ray(repeat couple times), I ain’t playing with none of y’all, what!?”

It also appears his enemies were recording as well I believe and he is critiquing their recording to shooting ratio on their drive by performance.
“N* wanna shoot—, n* wanna drive down the street while they recordin”

He then tries to proclaim himself the winner, still standing announcing his dominance of his front yard before barely dodging bullets on the second pass by.
“I’m outside wit dis s* wut?!?”

After the second fire fight, he dares them to come back again pledging an oath to his grandmother to return fire on anyone who does.
“Spin back through I’m shooting at everybody what, on my grandma yeah yeah”

That’s my best translation, might of missed some, he was really excited during his ordeal. Poor little dude.


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