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    The goal to spending many years @ UPS is to somehow complete your career while surviving the JJM's and the JPK's of the world. This of course is difficult to do when you face certain demotion @ age 50. And, should you voice your opinion you will also face certain demotion. So, to those who feel a little weary dealing with managers who repeatedly showcase their low IQ, I say this. As for JJM and JPK ... I can assure you that you are a better person than they are. Only people who are perpetually inside the box use the term "outside the box". Only someone who never learned the "30 days have September..." rhyme uses the term " at month end". And if a person is using the British "spot on" they are watching too much Dancing with the Stars. I am sure if you look on the floor JJM's office you will find a few stray blue tablets. And as for his extremely bizarre behavior every 28 days? Well, you figure that out yourself. They are the bad guys. You are the good guys. Maintain your self esteem.
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