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  1. SignificantOwner

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    With UPS now owned by institutions and mutual funds I'm finding it difficult to come up with a compelling reason to contribute to UPSPAC. Please include in your response an explanation of 1) why only MIP recipients are asked contribute, and 2) why we would want to perpetuate the culture of corrupt politicians who trade favors and votes for money.
  2. FracusBrown

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    1 - There is leverage with MIP participants.

    2 -Others will continue to use it to their benefit. Bailing out gives others an even better advantage. Unfortunately, making a stand won't change the system and it won't stop others from using it to the fullest extent legally possible.
  3. SignificantOwner

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    1) Can you explain what leverage means?2) I understand the "everyone else is doing it" argument. Does this behavioral model apply to the individual as well?
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    small raises - increased benefits cost - increased harassment everyday - United Way plan increases......... What % of Davis's 11.5 mil does he give?
  5. pretzel_man

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    - Like it or not, the way to communicate with political leaders is through lobbyists. Its the way to let them hear our side of the story.

    - Our competition is using the process to tell their side.

    - The union is using the process to tell their side.

    - PACs are the way of getting legislative change.

    Go into UPSers.Com and search for Public Affairs update. You can read the things they are doing.
  6. ajblakejr

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    Why are MIP eligible asked?

    As owners or MIP recipients, leverage is our responsibility and we can choose to contribute to UPSPAC. It is not required.

    Being a multi-faceted company and an industry leader, we have the responsibility, as owners, to protect our interests, worldwide.
    There is more than just our issue with FedEx on our plate...

    As owners, are we required to understand every facet of our business and lobby congress on our own?
    Do you have time to write letters or organize a collective to meet at the stairs of the House to bring one of our issues to the attention of Washington?

    Step back and think about the segment of UPS in which you work; what rules and regulations impact your segment?
    How much do you know about UPS Freight, UPS Freight Forwarding, UPS Supplier Management, UPS Supply Chain Solutions or UPS Airlines?

    We move freight across land, in the air and on the ocean.
    We are subject to FAA, FMSCA, DOT, IATA, NVOCC, FDA, U.S. Customs Regulations, OSHA, EPA, EEOC, rules and regulations, just to name a few off the top of my head.

    Sometimes we need to join forces with other PAC's and become a collective.
    Our drivers have similar responsibilities as beer and soft drink delivery drivers, should we all be subject to the same Hours of Service rules as long haul drivers?

    We are industry leaders and we are an important part of keeping this country working.
    We serve industry and the private segment.

    Why are MIP eligible asked?
    I don't have a concise answer for you but I see the big picture and I hope I have stimulated some thought....

    Why we would want to perpetuate the culture of corrupt politicians who trade favors and votes for money.
    We are American's and if we feel that our politicians are them.

    We have choices; either contribute to UPSPAC or decline.
  7. grgrcr88

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    Just say no if you do not want to.
  8. menotyou

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    Buying votes should be illegal for anyone. Lobbying should be outlawed. Members of congress should be arrested for trading their constituents interests for a lobbyist's paid for interest. Why do you think Worker's Compensation is so horrible for the Worker in NY. The insurance lobby bought Albany. It should be illegal. Demoralizing. Plain and simple. Everyone wonders why the future generation is the way it is. I don't. If you cheat someone because it gets you a better deal, you children learn from you. Look at this nation. JFK would be heartbroken. No more "what can you do for your country." Gimme, gimme, gimme. Just like lobbying. Gimme a break. Gimme a this, gimme that. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  9. brownone

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    If you were a signifcant owner you would know the answer.
  10. Monkey Butt

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    Most people view the Union's lobbying efforts just as you do. :wink2:

    There can't be a bigger block of lobbyists than the Unions.
  11. SignificantOwner

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    I know about all that stuff, but I'm interested in the "like it or not" comment. Two-fold question. What's the way to let them hear our side of the story, and why wouldn't we like it?
  12. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    Thank you for your intelligent and well thought out contribution.
  13. pretzel_man

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    The "like it or not" had to do with the process of PAC's and lobbying. It had nothing to do with the "story".
  14. pretzel_man

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    Seeing as there are limits to the amount that can go to a candidate, the chance of buying a vote is nil. The average contribution to a candidate is less than $7K.

    I assume that you are against ALL PAC's? Here is a note from the Teamsters:

    "With 1.4 million active members, Teamster members working together can be a powerful force for change. Because so much of what the Teamsters Union wants to accomplish politically costs money, a main focus of the Department of Field and Political Action is raising funds into the DRIVE PAC. The Teamsters DRIVE PAC is our main political fund that we use for advocating on behalf of all Teamster members to the U.S. Congress and to state legislative houses."

    They have a right to use the process and so does UPS. I contribute to the UPS PAC so that our public affairs people can "advocate on behalf of UPSers."

    Finally, did you know that the Teamsters give 98% to a single party?

    UPS is more evenly split with about 56% to one party.
  15. menotyou

    menotyou bella amicizia

    I am not debating who the Teamster donate to. The got their hand bit by the Democratic Party and Obama with the healthcare baloney. That fiasco was almost as bad as the prescription baloney Bush created.
    I believe all lobbying should be outlawed. I believe it is an honor to serve in Congress and it should be held in the highest regard. It should not be a lifelong job, as some have turned it into. Term limits for all. The government dictates how much money you have to campaign with which is doled out by the government from proceeds to be determined. ALL PAC's should be illegal. No donations should be allowed. No way to "buy" votes. Or currying favors.
  16. SignificantOwner

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    I think the number per candidate per election cycle is $5,000 per election. If a candidate has a primary, general election, and a runoff or special election, then they could get $15,000. A PAC can also give $15,000 to that candidate's party. Then, after elected (or if simply an office holder), the PAC can give $5,000 to that official's leadership PAC. You can see how the money can quickly add up. At least all that money comes with restrictions. The real problem is the unlimited amount that PACs can spend on electioneering. That's very vague and very shady and creates the environment for trouble. Nil? That's pretty optimistic in my opinion.
  17. pretzel_man

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    I was "lucky" enough to spend a week in Washington with our lobbyists.

    I watched what they do and met with some members of congress.

    It opened my eyes to the process and yes.... Nil....
  18. brownone

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    If we had term limits for Congress and the Senate it would help to eliminate pacs. The problem is we have career politicians who have to be ducated on the various items they vote on. Is it realistic for them to be a subject matter experts on every topic. PAC's allow the cocnerned parties to present an inteligent position to the leaders.
  19. The one thing I would like to suggest to all UPSers is that they take a Look at the reports that UPS PAC files with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). As you may or may not be aware, all donations to a PAC above $200 (in a year) are reportable to the FEC; and that data become a public record. This link should get you directly to the UPS PAC database on the FEC site (it is reported to the FEC as "United Parcel Service PAC) and take a look for UPS's Chairman D. Scott Davis.

    In the FEC database for UPS PAC, he is either listed as Davis, Darrell or Davis Darrell S.

    In the years since 1998, it shows his maximum contribution to UPS PAC as $930 in 2009.

    Now Let me ask you a question: How does your compensation compare to his ??
    Well In 2009 according to the filings with the Securities and Exchance Comission (the Def 14a) he was paid $6.42 million in 2009. That means that he contributed 0.0145% of his total compensation to UPS PAC.

    In 2010 the numbers look a little worse: the FEC reportsDavis, Darrell's contribution to UPS PAC as $920 and to the SEC, UPS reported his total compensation as $10.73 million or 0.0086% of his total compensation went to UPS PAC. Really, he got a $4 million dollar increase in total compensation, and his contribution went down by $10 ??

    So how much would you give if you contributed at the same percentage of your total compensation as D. Scott Davis did?

    Now the really fun part ot the FEC data base, is that its not just the Management committee that is there. ANYONE that gave $200 or more in a year is there.

    So go ahead, look up the District and Region Managers. I would make a more informed choice; a choice that is based on how you are being led; not just based on what you are told.
  20. SignificantOwner

    SignificantOwner A Package Center Manager

    What do PACs do to facilitate these discussions? I have conversations every day for free. Sometimes I even take action based on these free conversations because I hear things that need to be addressed.Although, Maybe they're onto something. I'd go after delivery scan harder and ignore some other stuff if I received a little additional incentive to do so if you know what I mean.