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    okay so i have searched and i found out what i need if i have under 100 shares, which is to convert class A stock to Class B. I printed out the paper work however it 6 pages and i am totally lost. Some of it is asking for a broker/dealer number etc. one page has for transferring the stock etc. Do i have to fill out all the pages? i just want to convert it and sell it that's it. Also what is a Medallion signature.. Any help much appreciated it.
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    E. F. Kog, where are you?
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    Sell it before the contract gets voted down, the stock will tank.
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    It's pretty tough to explain on here, you have to put each transaction ID in etc. its actually a pain in the ass. Call computershare they will actually walk you through filling out your paper work. You will also have to take your paperwork to the bank and get a Medellin stamp. Make sure you have all your necessary papers even if you didn't need a certain section or they wont stamp it for you. Also I would make copies of your papers, and keep them in a safe place, when your done with everything that way you know EXACTLY how to do it next time and you wont have to deal with computershare rep. Hope this helps best of luck!
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    I loved all my UPS stock into Bitcoin. I should be able to retire shortly.
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    Haven't heard from Mr. Crypto currency in a while. Wonder how his get rich quick schemes are doing.
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    Lol. Perhaps you could call computershare or whoever takes care of stock purchase for you. Lmao
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    Amazing how easy it is online compared to this way.
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    I'm not sure you can do it online
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    Yep I sold some online.

    If you have over 100 shares it's super simple.
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    We just both bought new yachts.
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    Lambos for the crypto crowd. Ttku
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    Super easy if you call them. Have it filled out in 5 minutes.
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    Lmaooooo I did lol lmao lmfao lol el o el. That’s how I knew which form to get I didn’t think it would be this hard to fill out. Lmao lol shut up