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    With the recent spree of hiring many people are being trained now. I am up next to be trained. However there won't be enough time in my hub to get trained before the Christmas cut off point so I'm possibly going to be sent to a center an hour and 20 mins away. Obviously this is a great disadvantage for me considering I will have absolutely no area knowledge here. Where in my own center I have knowledge enough to get me through. What are my options here? Would this situation be an automatic qualify?

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    Decision time. Pass it up and others below may not and you get left behind.
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    Follow the work!
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    What center you get assigned to makes no difference as to your qualifying. It would be nice to train in an area you already know but frequently it doesn't turn out that way.
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    I did 3 weeks in another center. That center was short staffed and I was paid mileage for that 3 weeks. Came back to my center and finished my 30 days. My center manager did not count my time at the other center so we he told me I was having my 30 day ride, I said, "Pretty sure we should have done that 3 weeks ago." My supe over heard, agreed and I ended up making seniority with no ride.
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    Well this sucks then agh oh well I guess

    "This is called the pre-LOAD not the pre-STACK"
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    When I went to driving school the DM told us he'd be riding with each of us before our 30 days was up. Aside from my initial training no one ever rode with me while trying to make book.

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    More than likely you are just being "trained" there but will still qualify back in your home center.
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    Well see I'm already an air driver and single day coverage. So in have been through all their "training". I think they want me to do my 30 days out there to qualify but I'll still be working out of the hub I'm at now. I'm not one to complain about anything. But I don't know I just feel this puts me at a huge disadvantage.

    "This is called the pre-LOAD not the pre-STACK"