Senior Beatings and Murder

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    Where is the National outrage? A WW2 90 year old veteran and his 85 year old wife were beaten to death during a home invasion in Tulsa. Local news reported that as the old sick couple were recovering from the flu their house was broken into. The 85 year old woman was sexually assulted in front of her helpless 90 year old husband. The 20 year old thug proceeded to beat them to death.
    No national reporting ? No outrage ?? No hate crime ???
  2. moreluck

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    I think Holder has the order out not to investigate any crime committed by blacks. Sounds so ridiculous....too bad it's true.
  3. over9five

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    I don't know what color either party was, but my first thought to Islands questions was "Because the victims were white".
  4. The Other Side

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    There is no OUTRAGE because "ONE" of the alledged burgulars has been caught and is cooperating in identifying the others involved in the case. If none of the others are found, and this one guy is found guilty, I dont think you will find anyone who would object to the death penalty.

    This is a nothing story, and a reach by old white people to make an issue out of a non issue.


  5. toonertoo

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    A NON issue, how insane Im outraged. No outrage, no great white leaders, demanding justice. Shoot them all let God sort them out. Imagine surviving world war 11, the landing at Normandy, and being too old to save your wife. Just imagine, makes me ill.
  6. moreluck

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    And at the time the Martin case was a nothing too.....a whole month went by before it started up.
  7. moreluck

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    There's a lot of old white people with guns in their nightstands and they aren't afraid to use them, so interloper, beware!!
  8. The Other Side

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    Tooner, again, I dont think there is anyone who isnt OUTRAGED over the beating deaths and violations of these people. Justice is being done and done immediately unlike the Martin case where there was NO JUSTICE until the nation got involved.

    They have a suspect and that suspect is cooperating with detectives to identify the other culprits in the crime. When they are captured, the law will prosecute them and if found guilty, they should recieve the death penalty.

    But looking for "extreme" outrage is silly at best. To attempt to say that there is any more OUTRAGE because you are white and the victims are white is laughable at best.

    There is all kinds of outrage with victims across this country. This case is very simple, no complications.

    You have a few thugs in a neighborhood, they took advantage of some old kind people and in a violent fashion, ended their lives. This happens everyday all over this country, black on white, white on black, brown on white, brown on yellow etc etc etc...

    Its a shame that our america is such a violent place to live, but thats the downside of america.

    There is no comparision to the MARTIN case, and if you would like to start a thread highlighting all the murders in this country, i would love to participate in that thread. You want to be OUTRAGED, that be OUTRAGED that 1 person every 11 seconds in murdered in this country.

    Do something useful with your OUTRAGE.


  9. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Just because you would "satisfy" an intruder to beg for your life in a home invasion does not lessen what happens to others. Maybe it's a "non issue" with you because you would actually like it. Me, I would happily put a bullet into this 20 yr old intruder like the rabid dog he is. But us crazy gun owners are just that way I guess.
  10. texan

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    Second victim dies in beating of elderly couple, as suspect could face more charges.

    Bob and Nancy Strait, left, have died after an alleged home invasion by Tyrone Woodfork, right.
    (News On 6/Tulsa Police Department) An Oklahoma man suspected in a
    brutal home invasion -- already facing a murder charge for allegedly
    killing an elderly woman -- could face additional charges after the death last week
    of her husband, a D-Day veteran.

    Bob Strait, a 90-year-old Tulsa resident, died on Friday, and a medical examiner is determining
    his cause of death, News On 6 reports. He was injured March 13 when, police say,
    Tyrone Woodfork, 20, entered the house and attacked, allegedly beating
    and sexually assaulted Strait's 85-year-old wife, Nancy Strait, who died two days later.
    The couple had been married for 65 years.

    Second victim dies in beating of elderly couple, as suspect could face more charges | MassCops
  11. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Bam. Right between the eyes. Regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or whether mommy hugged him at night. A rabid dog is a danger to society.
  12. island1fox

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    How sad . TOS claims this is a non story.

    It is a very important part of the whole story.

    Tos will lament about the number of murders in America.

    Blacks are 12% of the population.

    What percent of blacks are murdered ? Little black boys and girls in "Drive bys" Way too many !!!
    What % of murders are committed by blacks ?
    Why are 72% of children born out of wedlock in the black community ?
    What % of black men are in prison ?
    Why do Black rappers shot and kill each other ?
    Why do many Blacks think the system does not work yet we have a Black President , Black Attorney General and 18% of all government jobs are held by Blacks with again only 12% of the population ?

    When will America and the Black leaders realize that entitlements(welfare) have destroyed the family unit in the Black community whicjh is a major cause of poverty, drugs, and crime ??

    Why is the dropout rate in schoool so high for Blacks ??

    No TOS --This is a real story. All connected and why a maybe innocent Travon was killed because of what is taking place all around us. If you say you are fearful of young Black men dessed in Hoodies --you are called racist. The Liberal Press ignore the Killings of Blacks and Whites by Blacks because it is polically correct.

    Stop making excuses --it is all connected --Time for the Black community to make Radical changes to save their next Generation of Young men.

    I spoke the truth --- go ahead throw the dopey Race card.
  13. The Other Side

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    Is this story about a murdered couple or just a segway into a rant aboout black people?

    Again, I commented on the phoney outrage. We should instead focus our outrage on the total of murders in this country. White or Black, Brown or Yellow, arent they all horrible?

    Shouldnt we feel sorry for all victims or just the ones that you think "even" the scale?


  14. moreluck

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    Outrage, snoutrage!

    What does that fix? Nothing!
  15. island1fox

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    Not a rant against Blacks --open your eyes and your mind --this is a rant for Blacks. Stop making excuses and shoving the problems under the rug. Facts are facts --Problems are Problems. All American's Black and White need to shed light on this violence and start to put real solutions in place.

    Generational welfare is part of the problem. Clinton and Gingrich (yes Left and Right) bragged about welfare reform that would stop paying women by the child. What evolved --the Liberal Press will tell us how great the Black Grandma's are for raising the childen when the father will not and the single Mom Hooked on crack cannot. DSS comes in -the Dept of Social Service --the children are given to Grandma who gets 1500 per month per child ???? Is the money used for the child ? education ? end of poverty ?

    Upstate was recently concerned about poor old people not having enough money for food and gas and claimed that UPS People should not not complain because after thirty rears of very hard work we will get a 3,000 to 4000 a month pension --which is taxed.

    A very recent report of a Chicago Grandmother given control of her eight Grandchildren was receiving 12,000 dollars a month 144,000 a year tax free ??????

    The system is the problem --just not in the way you and occupy think so .

    I know liberals are touchy feely --but bottom line -FEELING SORRY for all victims will get us no where. Nothing Phony about the outrage I feel .
  16. island1fox

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  17. island1fox

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    Tos seems to believe that if we all feel sorry for all victims of crime --problem resolved.

    Wishes to ignore the Root cause Problems : Children out of wedlock -no family unit-no accountability. Dropping out of School --no desire to educate yourself. High abuse of Drugs and alcohol. A welfare system, excuse me Entitlement system that allows this wasted lifestyle Generation after Generation. The idolization of violent Rappers that disrespect women, law enforcement and worship violence. All problems that The so called Black Leaders Sharpton and Jackson should be addressing.

    When Herman Cane, Colonel West, Dineen Borrelli or even Bill Cosby bring attention to this --they are ridiculed. Lets just continue to "feel " sorry for everyone ????? Lets waste another Generation of young Black men going to prison --as TOS sees it ---It is just the "system" or wacko Racists.
  18. moreluck

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    I don't particularly care for Bill Cosby, but he's right on with the black men not taking care of their kids......they just spread their seed.
  19. cachsux

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    All victims? How about all people? Aren't you the person that looked down your nose at some po-dunk town as you rode your motorcycle by on the highway and judged them unworthy as human beings? Now you're all noble again. Go sit in your little pretend perfect world, living your pretend perfect life, and let us great unwashed carry on.
  20. bbsam

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    This is your chance. The Trayvon Martin case nearly went by the wayside. Oh. Wait. The 20 year old thug...was he arrested? Charged? Should we wait for the system to work?