Seniority bidding/preferred job question

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    Hey everyone, so here is a little background info before I ask my question...

    I've been on the preload for a year now, loading package cars for most of it, but I also learned to pickoff and became the backup in my area. Then both my achilles tendons started aching, and my p/t sup talked to the usual pickoff guy and he agreed to switch with me (he went to loading, I went to picking off) until my legs stopped hurting. It was just supposed to be a temporary thing, but at this point I've been picking off for 2 and a half months. I regularly ask the normal pickoff guy when he wants to go back, but he prefers loading over picking off for the time being.

    So here's my issue:

    In another area (still preload), a guy that I know got booted off of the pickoff because someone who had left on disability for a long time (I think at least over a year) just recently returned and took their spot back. And the guy who got booted has been picking off for most of that time, and he has like 2 years seniority on me - he's now back to loading. But he recently told me that he might be taking my spot, because a bid is being set up for it.

    So can he (or anyone else who bids on this pickoff spot) really take the pickoff just because of their seniority over me? It's not like there's a vacancy to be filled. I bust my ass on pick off (busted my ass as a loader too) and work hard every day and always help out during wrap up, etc to show that I'm dedicated to that position, and my supervisor acknowledges this on a daily basis - although I'm not sure if that'll matter. And the normal pickoff in my area is content to let me pickoff, it's really HIS job that people would be bidding on, and he has at least 3-4 years seniority.

    Any info would help. And I thought I read somewhere on this site that if you're on a certain spot for more than 30 days you can have preference on that. Curious if that's true. Thanks in advance everyone, and stay safe.
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    In my building there is basically no such thing as seniority. When there's an issue, the only answer is "work as directed."
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    People on my shift are nuts about seniority, and grieve at the drop of a hat when, say, people with less seniority stay late sorting and stuff like that.

    The way this guy told me that he "might be taking my pickoff position," he made it sound as if just because I don't have seniority, people can take my spot away from me whenever they want. But doesn't a job have to have a VACANCY in order for people to bid on it? I'm there every day doing my job, there's no vacancy to be filled.

    Am I on the right train of thought with this issue? Or do I have to give up my position without a choice if someone else (with more seniority) wants it?
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    By your handle, I guess your from Northern California. So I don`t know what your contract supps are. Also sounds like they are setting up bids for interior jobs in your center for the first time. Where I am from it`s simple, seniority rules. So yes, people can take your spot. Also remember UPS can assign workers where ever they need them in order to run this business. Sick calls, emergency conditions or no shows allow this.
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    You will enjoy seniority at some point.
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    Can I find that on

    Also, if it counts, I'm there every day. I never call in sick. (yet somehow my name still hasn't gotten up on the 'perfect attendance' board)
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    No. You have to get a copy of your contract from your local. HR would have their address and phone #. Good luck.
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    PM`d you. Check your messages.