Seniority date after making through progression?

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    Just a quick question for a driver at my center. He made it theough driver progression in march of 2014. He says his seniority date is listed as the last day of his 30 days so in March. But, I am pretty sure that his seniority date should go back to the 1st day he started his 30 in 90. I am almost certain thats how it was for me but maybe it has changed now. I was trying to find it in the union book but gave up after I got too lazy to keep looking. Am I right though? Shouldn't his seniority daye be the firstvday he drove?
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    U r right
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    It should be his first day of integrad.
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    Ok thanks for the reply. I will let him know so he can go raise a stink to our center manager. I am sure it will make him happy to know his raise should be coming in a week instead of 2 months. I learned first hand that they like to slip those little things in and hope you don't catch them.
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    No, it shouldn't /won't be.

    Once you go through progression, your seniority date will revert back to when you started THAT job.