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    Since all those that this pertains to know that a job you bid in feeders here is bid by start time and destination, why are there many jobs from the centers that have not fallen into this category, as the contract provides. 2 from Binghamton, 2 from utica, 1 from rome, and many henrietta drivers are on speed dials with dispatch.

    Without the enforcement of start time and destination, many drivers are getting forced to work excess overtime. As they are not computer literate, they would like to know how they can do a fair day's work, for a fair day's pay, as is expected, and not be the company's gophers, as they have been.

    Any suggestions, especially from albany?
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    Don't know if I completely understand your question, rumble, but here goes my explanation of what happens HERE. Again, I am not in Albany (nor would I want to be in all that snow since yesterday!), so things could be different.

    HERE, we DO bid on start time and destination AND equipment pulled, that is, single, doubles, etc. But at the end of the bid, it also states, "And work as directed". That means that if o/t is called for and you are least senior driver at the time, then you're IT! Even after your normal run is over, whatever that may be. Now I know that in some other parts of the country, once you are done with your run, you are DONE with your run, you don't have to go out anymore unles you volunteer for it.

    Being on mileage run here, I'm pretty much exempt from "Work as directed" because they were set up to pay enough and all other hourly drivers were to be used first. In fact, mileage drivers HERE are to be used as last resort when it comes time for o/t.

    Check your bid sheets, check your local supplements.
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    Is this another post about which feeder driver has a better air conditioner or air ride seat?:happy2:
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    My daddy can beat up your daddy
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    Hey Race, what is a "mileage driver"
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    Driver that gets paid by mileage rate w/hrly delay time tacked on. Usually, so-called "hot" loads that have to be there NOW so company turns up the tractors so they will speed and then turns a blind eye when you do.

    Usually bid by high seniority-spoiled snotless drivers, LIKE ME that can't do a normal days work anymore.

    All are pretty much high miles runs. I hear CACH, tho, has some that are only about 500 miles round trip. Ours, here, are between 550 and 572 miles a day round trip.
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    Good for you Race, wish I could find a gig like that, but I'm only running 500 miles a day. Maybe in my next life LOL. Anyway, where do you find runs that long down there??
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    This is the most acurate post on here re this subject.
    Some of our HOT loads are dual drivers and run 3000-6000 miles in a week. They run from NY to Texas and now Colorodo stopping and dropping inbetween.
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    We did that too, fer about 5 yrs. Sleeper runs, the white Freighliners with a bedroom in back. Ran around 5,000 miles a week except throug peak would run about 6100-6200. All "hot" or next-day/second-day/third/day stuff.
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    Geeeezzzzz.....How many tickets do these guys get in an average month????? I know Colorado's speed limit is 75 but it can't be that high east of the Mighty Miss. Still....3000 to 6000 miles in a week??? That's a LOT of miles any which way you cut it between two drivers! -Rocky
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    Most I could do in a week is 800 miles, Going to and from work. lol..
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    Those are Sleeper Teams you are talking about, Feeder drivers that do miliage do about 500 miles a day, this is different than sleeper's as you go home everyday
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    I do like your explanation about the bidding on start time and destination. Let me ask you this; We are facing a problem at my hub with regard to the whole bidding procedure. There are some employees that have been added to centers that have a start time, but no real destination, except they come to our hub, no work assigned to fill out an 8 hour day. When these said employees get to our hub, dispatch assigns work for them that would normally be done by our hub's cover drivers to fill out their day.

    I guess the question is, what are domicile rights, as it pertains to ups feeder drivers? Anyone???
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    To try to answer this, I will, of course, have to answer strictly from our local supplements or practices. Yours may vary greatly.

    If a f/t qualified driver from one hub or center has his/her job canceled and there is no work at all to be had in their classification, they have a right to displace 2 p/ters in their hub or center until a job comes back in their classification.

    If there is an open run in their classification (I presume we're talking feeders here), in a nearby hub or center, notice I said OPEN run, then they can travel there and fill that position until their run comes back open or the OPEN run is closed, that is, the bid driver comes off vac, sick day, dis, etc.

    You may say, "We have cover drivers for this". That may be true, but that is all they are, is COVER DRIVERS. They are not full-fledged, if you will, feeder drivers. They have not held an open bid for more than 30 days in order to gain feeder seniority. Exam:

    I started in p/c many yrs ago. I started signing up for feeders the first time I saw a list. Long story short-I qualified, but only to cover vacations, etc., til a bid run came up that I could stay on for 30 days to get seniority. So, that was May. I covered vacations thru the summer. Got thrown back to p/c til peak runs came up. Ran peak run thru end of Christmas. Got thrown back to p/c til May again. That happened for 5 yrs. Finally got called up for good but still covered xtra stuff, never an open bid run for more than 30 days. That lasted another 8 yrs. BELIEVE THAT? Bummer, dude. Point is: I was never a full-fledged feeder driver. I was a, now get this, "A feeder-qualified package driver". All other feeder drivers had the jump on me. We had some transfer in here when their runs were canceled and bumped me back down again even tho I'd had more experience in feeders than them, only because they were, you guessed it, "Full-fledged, seniority feeder drivers". I was not.

    The point is, maybe these drivers jobs are temporarily canceled. Maybe there is SOME feeder work in your area. Maybe not enough for a full day or night. That happened to me one time also. I traveled to town to wash p/c for half eve then run small feeder run the rest. Nobody qualified to drive but had to displace washer. Sorry.

    This may or may not answer your question. And remember, this is what has happened HERE. Your situation or rules may be quite different. Check with steward or BA.