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  1. Vobra281

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    Recent graduate of integrad. Haven’t drove yet. Guy with more preload seniority set to graduate this week from integrad. Will he get to qualify before me or will my integrad graduation date supersede his.

    Thanks in advance
  2. He does have more seniority than you.
    So the answer is yes.
  3. Vobra281

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    Thanks. Had been told conflicting accounts stating that my graduation date would be the start of my 30 day training thus moving me ahead of him
  4. Everyone still has to qualify. Worry about getting your 30 in first.

    Good luck
  5. BrownMonk

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    Depends. If the bid is for the same center, the person with the higher p/t seniority should work first and get the better seniority for f/t. If they start in different centers, it is whoever has their 30 days in first depending on their first day of the 30. The first day worked is usually the seniority date. My question would be why you, as the less senior person, went to school earlier than the senior person?
  6. They signed the bid first?

    Scratch that maybe the other one cast on a bid?
  7. Rick Ross

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    Are you going full-time or TCD/RTD?

    When I was a TCD you would go behind the other driver because you didn't have your 30 days in and seniority ruled. After qualifying, you would be ahead of all drivers who weren't qualified and on the TCD coverage list until they qualified, at that point their seniority would be used to slot them within the qualified TCD drivers.

    If you bid to full-time I thought it went by bid sheet and then seniority. If you signed the same bid sheet then he would move ahead of you.
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    Look at your supplement.

    First day DRIVING is seniority date here.

    You graduated class first so you should get priority to driving first.
  9. Vobra281

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    He failed his pretest. Took it again later
  10. Vobra281

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    Full time