Seniority meaningless for preferred FT inside jobs?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by beavis, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Once again in our hub they're deleting, reconfiguring and otherwise messing with the FT jobs. The most recent newly created jobs were in revenue recovery and they weren't profitable enough to keep so those employees (mostly new to full time) were displaced. Some were given temporary assignments, some permanent and others yet were just randomly given day jobs. Needless to say the hundreds of senior employees who've been working nights for years waiting for their chance at the small handful of day jobs are livid. Apparently our BA doesn't seem to think that anything is wrong which just adds fuel to the fire.
    I know every local is different but is this typical treatment of FT insiders around the country?
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    Varies according to supplement, but in my area (Atlantic) those jobs should all be re-bid as their start times have been modified by more than an hour.
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    That sounds perfectly reasonable to me. The BA here said there was language in our supplement that gave the company the right to do it but we looked up the article he told us to and it was completely irrelevant.
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    Somebody cut a deal. Happens a lot.