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  1. John Bryson

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    if anyone would be able to help me out with any of these questions i would really appreciate it! basically here's my situation and i pretty much just want to make sure..

    i was hired in Illinois near the end of july at 9.50 as a package handler/pre loader which is my normal position and just last week i started making 1.00 dollar more for my 90 days. i also start driver helping on monday for seasonal. my first question is what exactly does completing the 90 days mean i'm eligible for? does this mean i am able to put my name on the driver lists and what not? also i'm curious as the raises, when do the raises come? is it every 6 months? is it from your hiring date, or is it at the begining of the year and middle of the year or something like that?

    my main concern for myself is am i going to be seasonal? i dont remember being told i was seasonal at all, and i do briefly remember one of my pt supervisors telling me a couple months ago that i got really lucky at the time i got hired because it was right before they start hiring seasonal for peak. which i would think means i am permanent, would that be correct? since i have made my 90 days doesn't that mean i am on the team? i have heard and read that sometimes after peak season they will lay off quite a bit of people, but call some of them back after a couple weeks. is there a chance i am going to be one of those people? i know my supervisor likes me. the only issues i had was within the first 2 months i had a little bit of trouble adjusting to working so early. i was late twice and one of the times my ft sup told me he has fired people for less (which i have already seen). if he didnt want me he would have gotten rid of me then. but since that time i have been early everyday.

    i just don't want to have to worry about not having a job for a couple weeks after christmas, or not having a job at all after thinking things were finally going right for me. i've been kind of worried because i'm 21 yrs old, 22 on tuesday, school hasn't gone too well for me since hs and i just quit my other job last week at best buy i had been working so i could be a driver helper this season. i want to advance at ups i don't want to go back to best buy and talking to jerks for barely over minimum wage and raises that are a joke. i worked at taco bell for 5 years before this so i dont want to go back. i just want to make sure that i have nothing to worry about. it's a great company to work for it seems. i really do like my job and want to be a driver one day. sorry if this thread became soo long lol.

    again thanks to anyone that would be able to help me out!
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    You should already be in union dude. Talk to HR and shop steward ASAP. I was hired in late Aug & I'm not seasonal either. If you were a July hire than you should've easily made book already by now unless you were sent home a lot of days or missed a bunch
  3. barnyard

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    What did your HR and union rep say when you asked them???
  4. cachsux

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    If you want to be a driver then get your name on the list, now. You never know when a wave of needed drivers may come and you don`t want to be standing on the sidelines. Keep your driving record clean.

    Where in IL?
  5. nystripe96

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    He can't get on the list, he's gotta wait till next summer
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ...and you are basing this on your two months of employment with UPS??
  7. nystripe96

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    1 year of employment to get your name on the list at my hub
  8. outta hours

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    Sign every list that you are interested in. HR can sort it out if you are ineligible. Your 90 days means that you have survived your packet/ probation period. You are not a seasonal hire. You should check the seniority roster and make sure your hire date is correct. It is hard to change if you don't do it right away.
  9. UPSGUY72

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    Your made your 30 days your are a permanent PT UPS employee.

    Welcome to UPS.

    SIGN EVERY JOB BID OR LIST THAT YOU WANT. NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU. IF you don't sign you will never have a chance to get that position.

    As far as being at UPS 1 years before being able to become a driver that is BS too. I signed the driver list that went up in Jan after 6 months and got a drivers job at 11 months. There are always exception to the rules.

    As for your raise scheduled you need to get a copy the the contract and read Article 22.

    Be careful as a Drivers helper you don't want to get hurt. Also pay attention to what the driver does learn as much as you can about what the driver does it will help you later if you become a Driver.

    Good luck