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  1. Number colts fan

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    my center hired 15 "seasonal preloaders" we will all go ft/pt September 1st. At this point there is not any body ahead of us on the list to become a ft driver due to so many retirements, none of the preloaders wanting to be a driver and license/age issues. So my question is; how will it be determined who out of the seasonal that go ft/pt have seniority?
  2. llamainmypocket

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    There's 15 of you hired on the same day?
  3. Number colts fan

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    Hired on as seasonal on different dates, but we will all become ft/pt on September 1st, and I was told by hr that seniority doesn't start until you are ft/pt
  4. Jones

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    Make sure you're the first one at work on Sept 1.
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    Look at your day of hire that is your seniority unless you left/quit ( not sure on that)! First hired first in seniority to qualify. Than it goes by your qualify date! Ask for a seniority list, they have to provide it at your center!
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    Do any or all of you have 30 "working" days in? If all of you do, then you already have pt seniority. It would then follow that the first one hired gets asked first, then the next and so on.

    Whoever attains FT seniority, by working another 30 working days (depending on your location) will get a new blended seniority date, combined from the hire date and the 30th FT work date.
  7. llamainmypocket

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    Even though you guys will hit seniority at the same time your hire dates will be your seniority date.
  8. barnyard

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    Depends on past practice. In my building, you would all have the same seniority date, but your order would be determined by a drawing.

    Back when I was hired, I was part of 4 that started in the summer. We all had a Sept. 9 seniority date. The others quit before their 1 year anniversary and I do not remember the order.