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    Here is the sitiuation. I am a part-time shifter at a hub. With that said, we have a shifter who takes 6 straight weeks off every year for vacation. He is on it now. The company brought a guy out from the inside to cover for this guys vacation. They say they can do this because the inside guy is a qualafied shifter and he works the same shift as the vacationing shifter. I filed a grievance, here is why. We have 3 inside operations. Pre-load, twi-light, and mid-night. These 3 shifts have a seniority list for each shift, regardless of classafication. The shifting department and the carwash have a seniority list as well, but each only has 1 seniority list.

    Here is my arguement. Since the shifters are on 1 seniority list, we bid on start times, not shifts like the pre-load, twi-light, and mid-night. Since the vacationing shifter is out, I believe I should be able to cover his start time. The company is comparing it to a job like small sort. They say that if a small sorter is out on vacation, they can slide another qualified employee into the slot. I disagree. I believe the small sorters would be able to slide to this start-time in seniority order before a so called cover sorter could move in.

    Bottom line is my start-time is 3 hours later than the vacationing shifter. Should I not be able to slide into that start-time being the senior man left in the shifting department? I say that since we are 1 seniority list, and pick vacations per this one list, regardless of start-time, then it is a start-time issue, not a classsfication issue at heart. I have company seniority on the so called cover shifter. Remember, shifters work before, durting, and after the inside shifts. We are not working these shifts, we are working staggard start-times. Heck we have 2 shifters that work at 10:00 am. Two at 5:30 pm, one starts at 8;00 pm, I start at 9:30 pm, another at 11:00 pm. we are all on one seniority list.
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    I see your arguement, I dont think youd win it though. Just logically speaking if you won, youd cover the vacation then they would need to have someone to cover your shift.
    And I dont see the arguement of seperate bids working, you had to bid into shifting right?
    So anyone with top senioirity could bump out anyone else in the building when it came to a bid, so in actuality there is a master seniority list for the building
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    You hit the nail on the head. It is their job to manage such a scenerio. When I am not at work they bring in the 11:00 pm guy in early at my 9:30 pm start and he works through his work period and let the 8:00 pm guy stay late through the rest of my shift. I see no difference. All I would be doing is coming in early to cover the vacation guys start time. The 11:00 pm guy would come in to cover my 9:30 start time.

    When the 11:00 pm start guy is out, I stay late and cover the end of his work period. The 8:00 pm start guy also stays late when this happens. Why would the early start not be the same?

    Yes, I had to bid into shifting. The cover guy never bid into it, he just happens to be qualified. His classification is Load/unload.
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    you appear to be trying to do something that is counter to normal practice. You can not normally bid a start time and bid to be a vacation coverage person.
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    well if thats the practice.....whats your bas/stewards say?
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    Are you a ptimer/ 22.3/ fulltime shifter?
    Who is filling this slot over you, a ptimer?

    The slot you want to cover is that held by a ftimer and is this other person ptime?
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    Every shifter is a part-timer. My arguement is that when I am out, my shift is covered by 2 shifters. The 11:00 pm start guy comes in 1.5 hours early and the 8:00 pm start guy stays 1.5 hours later. We normally have 3 shifters from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am. When I am out, they are short 1 shifter for this 2 hour period and the other two guys make up for the rest. Why would my scenerio be any different? I would come in at 5:30 pm to cover the guy on vacation. It is just an earlier start time for me. Is it not?
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    No, you said you bid start times. IMHO your start time and expected end time is like a driver's route. And although I'm a 22.3 I'm sure I've seen explicit contract language for that (I think in the Western Supp, for my area). If you want the vacationer's slot bid to the other shifters in seniority order, fine, but if you get it your slot should be open for the most senior person who wants it, and so on. You should get the vacationer's end-time as well, not just three hours ot added to the beginning of your shift, and the guy not on the shifter bid list should get the vacant slot, after the specified number of shifts, if he still wants it.