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    I drove peak last year then back in the hub after xmas. Came back out driving Aug 25th I have 34 days in as of this past Friday. About two weeks or so my Sup met me out on the road and informed me that this time I have in will not count towards seniority and my center manager confirmed this Talked to BA about it and he said he was all for us ( the current group of guys working towards seniority ) getting seniority but did not say clear cut it would happen. So were in the contract does it say for sure 30 days and in regarding seniority
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    You are welcome to start reading the contract and tell us where.
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    The only copy I have to refer to is on here Is it the complete contract
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    Roz, seniority rules are listed in your Regional Supplement (not in the Master portion of the Contract.) What Supplement do you fall under?

    Be aware some areas may require more than 30 days to make seniority, or have periods in the Winter and Summer called "free periods" when seniority is not earned because the jobs are declared "temporary" during Peak, or "vacation cover" during the Summer.

    UPS Master Agreement & Regional Supplements:
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    metro philly Here the qualification period is between Sept 1 and Oct 31. I have 34 days in during this time
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