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  1. MonavieLeaker

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    I was told by my sup if a job isnt on the bid sheet it isnt a seniority job..any truth to this?
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    What job are you talking about? And is it part time or full time?
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    he's full of **** as far as seniority goes. If junior employees are taking work from you (hours), warn them, and if they don't correct it, file on it. Remember the date and time you warned them though for ammo on the greivance.

    I know in the reload shift, just as an unloader/loader those aren't bid jobs. They can move you to the air station, loading trailers, unloading trailers and unloading package cars as they please. However, seniority rules as far as start time and who is getting more work (inlcuding OT).
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    some buildings have a full time pre/load or sort you bid that shift by seniority only.when your on it it's w.a.d work as directed so they can put you on sort unload or doing a pull. but where i worked most of the senior guys had the same pull everyday,but it was not their bid job,they got it of respect so to speak,but if they were a bad boy ,it was off to the hole [unload for a couple of days] we called it the 'cooler' !!!!!!!!!!
  5. wow a fulltime preload? thats certainly rare
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    I work on the secondary slide ( where they place the pal labels on the packages and sort them to the different boxlines)I was just asking cause I coulda sworn in the contract it said seniority will prevail in all situations ( dont quote me on that)
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    Seniority rules as far as start time, and getting more work.....if you are trained and qualified to do that work.

    We had a situation where a very senior unloader (7 yrs PT, and that's all he's ever done), get upset that nearly every other part-timer in the building stayed later than him. The ruling was that management was not obligated to train him to do other things so he could stay longer....he only had the right to stay later than any less senior PTer doing work he knew how to do.

    He could learn the sort destinations or anything else on his own time, and then get that extra time after the unload is finished....but until he does, he only has seniority over other unloaders. Not a 6-month sorter who is doing work this guy doesn't know how to do.
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    If he wants extra time and has more seniority than most others on the shift then he should be able to get the extra time. After the unload is down he can go to the outbounds to help with bulk, do wraps, etc., if he is not "qualified" to load. When I first started, I went to help the other belts all the time after my area was done. There was always one area or another that needed help. They were just happy to get help whether or not the person was actually trained how to load. After a while I moved to the sort aisle although I would still go to help the outbounds at the end of the night if they needed the help. However, a few years ago they started something different, where they would not let someone from one area go to another area unless that area requested help. This meant that since I was working in the primary, I could not go to help the outbounds except in very rare cases even though I was trained how to load. I along with the union steward argued that there was only 1 seniority list for the shift, each area did not have its own list. The only recourse I had was to file a grievance, which I did and won several, although most were for 30 minutes or less.

    If the guy really wants more time, he may have a harder time than I did since I was trained to load first, and then moved to the unload and sort aisle, but he should still be able to get something. Have him talk to the steward and see what he suggests.