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Hello everyone, I have quite a conflict going on here! I recently on January 1st quit UPS to go to Fedex. Ultimately due to life changes I decided to come back to UPS for the guaranteed hours and better benefits. I would have reached my 5 years in July which means 3 weeks of vacation instead of 2. I came back to UPS at less than the 90 day mark but it was more than 30 days. I came back in early March. An hourly told me that for him years ago he left ups and when he came back his "earned years of service" was still applicable. Meaning he still continued earning his vacations right where he left off but his seniority sate wasn't the same. My question to any of you is for PT Supervisors would this be the same case? I would really like to pick off where I left off considering I would of hit 5 years in July. I am so so mad at myself for even leaving in the first place, but hey life happens and I ended up on the shift I wanted in the end of it. I just hate starting from the bottom again after all those years I put into this company.


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I'm surprised they hired you back the way you write a story. And I believe it's a story. You're trolling for something but I'm not sure what?


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I'm late to this party, but check with HR for your hire date. What do they have in the system? If they have XX/XX/2017 (5 years ago) you may have 5 years of service for the purpose of vacation and seniority vacation picks.