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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by brown beast, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. brown beast

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    i have a prob, maybe you guys can help. I an a FT driver and i fall under the contract previous to this one (30mo to top pay). Everyone that attended my FT driver class has reached top pay, except me. Here are the important points:

    • became a FT employee in 12/06, went to driver class in 1/07
    • was DQ'ed during 30 day qual period, went back to bldg for 2 weeks, grieved the DQ, and was placed back on the road for another 30 day trial (mgmt didnt follow correct training procedures). Passed trial period.
    • my start & senoirity date were moved to the 2nd 30 day qual period. now there's a few months difference b/ween me & my classmates.
    I feel that the date should not have been moved, especially because they were at fault. I have been talking to the business agent since May. That's when i first found out about everyone else receiving top pay. First, the agent told me to file a greivance in July about my senority date. Now he's saying that he has to look at my file. I call him and th eunion hall on a daily basis. I even went down there. I am getting the 'run around'. what should be my next step?
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    I hate to say it but it sounds like you are SOL. Because it is possible you would not have passed the initial test even if mgmt had followed the correct procedures. I am not saying that you would not have, but it is possible ( for whatever unknown reason) and since it is unknown, they cannot assume you would have.

    Just my opinion! Hopefully someone has a better answer.
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    Sounds like you should reach top pay very soon regardless? Try patience.
  4. hondo

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    Did you get copies of the grievance/resolution that got you back? A thorough examination of the wording of the resolution is in order.
    While you're unhappy now, think how you'd feel if the grievance was deadlocked and you had to wait whatever time period required under your supplement.
  5. bubsdad

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    Keep talking with your BA and make sure he does his due dilligence. Your seniority date could quite possibly be changed resulting in a pay issue. Also it may change your position on the board. Don't give up on it until you get a FINAL resolution. At that point you don't have to accept the outcome, you could hire a labor attorney if you disagree. This would piss some people off, of course.
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    Whether i receive top pay soon or not, definitely, is not the point. The fact that I feel that I am (and have been) paid incorrectly is. PPl with way less seniority are being paid more than me for the same work. However, I don't want to take what you've said the wrong way. Can you explain what you mean a little more?

    I didn't originally receive any. However, I'm waiting for those copies as we speak. Hopefully it will be in my favor

    Thanx. Some of the stewards around the bldg feel the same way. I do think that i have a legitimate seniority/pay issue. Originally, the BA (was differt one than the one that filed for me) said UPS can fire you for any reason under the 30day period. I told him that they never followed the training procedures, such as sending the rte out with less than 100%. That's when he said he'll research the grievance. Guess,i'll keep playing phone tag
  7. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I was hired after the early ratification of the current contract but before the August 1 start date of the economic language. Anyone hire during that time is supposed to fall under the 30 month progression but I will not be surprised if UPS tries to test this. In fact, I'm almost expecting this to happen.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Honestly, in the scheme of things, a month or 2 difference in a 30 year career is meaningless. I've seen people fight these fights and it ends up being frivoulous. You get credit for hours worked as a FT employee anyways.

    The only reason I feel it would affect you is if 3 or more people gained FT seniority between your 2 dates. That would only affect you in bidding.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    A difference of waiting six months longer apposed to getting an immediate raise is a big deal. Especially when it is a $5.00/hr raise. That is definitely worth the fight.
  10. bubsdad

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    Right now 2 or 3 guys ahead of you could be a difference of working or not working.
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    Thanx for all the input guys. As it stands, I am currently waiting for the union to pull the grievance from the archives....which is taking a while.

    I think some of you are missing my point. Firstly, being punished for someone else's negligence is never a frivolous matter. I feel that my senority date is wrong because of that. If the seniority date is wrong, then the pay has been and is wrong. Now, the difference is about $10/hour. I can't take my 'credit for hours worked' and pay bills with it. Also, 3 or more people have gained FT senority before me: my FT driving classmates
  12. UnsurePost

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    I am 100% in agreement with you, but if you look at it from UPS and the unions perspective, my original post stands. You never did make your 30 days so therefore it cannot be just handed to you. Hopefully it is turned around as it should be, though.
  13. klein

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    30 year career ? Thats dreaming these days !
    In our Edmonton Southside Center, the driver with most senoirty has 15 yrs, and he's around 50.
    And , his back is killing him. Has been killing him for a few years now.

    I think the days are almost over, that you get management postion after driving a while.
    They get the college kids for that.
    Another bonus of UPS, because a long term driver would have sympathy for the job we do.
    An outsider, that only needs to drive for 6 months (to be management) won't.
    They'll let him do easy runs, ofcourse in the easy months (February to July).
    And he/she'll think we have it easy, so he/she can push as even more.

    Thats sadly the new lifestlye at bigger corperations these days.