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  1. jamjamz

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    Okay, I am not an employee of UPS but it seems like a bunch of you on here are, so i figured i'd just ask you.
    So I ordered a package recently and everything was going fine and dandy untill i stopped getting my tracking updates, at which i called ups who assured me that my package was coming. so alright i pretty much knew it wasnt being that it was about 9pm on 'scheduled date of delivery'
    so the next morning it says rescheduled date of delivery, still no updated tracking info. so i call again, to which they reassure me its being delivered today. i obviously do not believe these people who are in UPS customer service it seems like all they do is read the same tracking info as i do.
    SO later on about 5 i pretty much know my package is not arriving. I again call UPS and ask to speak to someone who can further assist me, who then goes on to say that they have never received my package, and then goes on to explain that the tracking info was false, *** is obviously my reaction, because why would there be false tracking info, it just seems retarded.
    I have spent 2 days on the phone with UPS and the company I have ordered my items with. I finally got them to file a claim, but i still do not believe a person should have to go through so much bs to get a simple package.

    so what i would like to know is what you think happened, or just what you think about the situation.
    I live in Las Vegas and often have troubles with my shipments, FedEx had once lost my shipment so i dont use them anymore and now i have been highly disappointed with UPS.
    please help me understand why this would happen.
  2. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    give us the tracking number for starters
  3. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    will a tracking number help anymore? the claim has already been filed
  4. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Call the company you ordered from and make it thier problem.
    Verify your address and tell them to send you what you paid for and send it out ASAP.
  5. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    I have to wait for the claim report to get back to the company before they'll send me a new one
  6. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    You should not have to go through all that. When a package is shipped via UPS you should automatically recieve a notice and tracking number via email.

    you should then be able to track it through our system and see when it is out for delivery simply by tracking the package.

    If the package is not delivered or not delivered timely its possible ups screwed it up. Its also possible the shipper screwed up something on the shipping information causing the delay.

    In either case you the consignee should not be filing the claim. You should be contacting the shipper who starts the tracing and claims process.

    other then this info I can not help answer your question without a tracking number.
  7. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    i called the shipper and had them file the claim.
    but i still have to wait for the claim to finish, or whatever happens with it. all i know is that it takes 1-8 days
  8. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Readers Digest Condensed Version:

    What is the tracking number?
    Do you need the tracking Number?
    We need the tracking number
    But I don't want to give the tracking number
    But without a tracking number, we know nothing
    The tracking number?
    Do you need the tracking number?

    (repeat 30-60,000 times)

    But UPS Customer service said....
    What is the tracking number?
    You need the tracking number?

    (repeat 6-7,000,000 times)

    Then we never hear from the OP again.

    We need the tracking number. It is a number. Put on the package. For tracking the package.

    Without it, we are all just making a wild guess. Sometimes bad ones. My guess is the dog ate it. Not your dog, my dog. I'm probably wrong, but if I am right, how cool will that be?


    (Absolutely not trying to be rude, just saving you time. You're welcome)
  9. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    heres the tracking number

    1Z ******
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  10. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Thank you - you will now hear from a number of very helpful people on this site (no joke) who can review that & tell you what happened. It won't be me because, well, I'm pretty spent from that last post...

    Oh, and please - RE VISIT US TO LET US KNOW HOW YOU MADE OUT - There is a member here, I won't mention Hoaxster's name, that gets very upset when there are loose ends here....
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  11. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    well i just want my package
    happy birthday, now you get to spend all your free time calling customer service!
  12. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    From the tracking information online at (go figure) it arrived in Las Vegas on 5/12, never had an "out for delivery" notification. It is therefore, very easy to conclude that my dog, in fact, did not eat it.
  13. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    well someone for UPS said it was false information. WHY?
    i have talked to someone with the same situation, we ordered the same thing from the same company, and we had the same tracking info, and the same results.
    go figure
  14. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer

    Same tracking info? Do you mean same results?

    I assume this was not an order from, say,, but something along the lines of an eBay auction, from Big Stu's Discount House of Porno?
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    small package. Only one physical scan on it in SDFAS. Our air hub. What kind of merchandise?
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  16. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    it was from tmobile
    so take a wild guess.
  17. Livin the Dream?

    Livin the Dream? Disillusioned UPSer


    You hear that loud "WHOOOSHING" sound? That was the sound of everyone running away from this thread.

    Tieguy right now is asking himself why he had to reply tho THIS of all threads...:wink2:

    JamJamz - Find out your friend's tracking number & post it here as well, please. It will help in a number of ways.
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  18. jamjamz

    jamjamz New Member

    i dont think hes gonna give it to me
    it was the same exact info as mine
  19. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    will somebody please find this dudes phone!
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  20. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Customer deserves an honest answer.

    The only physical scan on the package is in the Louisville air hub. smalls package inside a smalls bag inside an air container. The rest of the movements on the package are derived from the container movement itself. no physical scan at destination. Package is either sitting in the destination building , SDFAS or it got pilfered or damaged. The good news if pilfered is we know who loaded it into the smalls bag and air container and we'll catch them. Phones are a real security problem for all shippers including UPS. They are easy to steal and easy to hide when you walk out of the building.

    Sorry I can't give you any better information then that.