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    What gets me is , well at least in my center is that they hold open commercial stops in the building and sheet it as closed, than rather have to many closed holidays on road. Great service. If you have multiple business stops at one address and one of those business is closed they will hold the all them as closed and if a business happens to be close on one holiday they will never get a holiday del again.

    I've told my Sup. about this and he said “ I don’t care about the open stops all I care about is having closed stops on the road.” Maybe if they would update the consignee list they wouldn't have this problem. I've ask to get the list update but its like talking to the dead. My consignee list hasn't been updated since they implemented EDD. O yeah and they also hold an entire apartment complex on my rte. and sheet as closed because the office is closed. All in the name of cutting as many routes as possible.

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    tell some of your customers to write nasty, exaggerated letters to UPS corporate complaining of no service and unresponsive management. make sure it gets escalated as far as it'll go

    that'll raise heads at a regional level in a hurry
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    Your problem here is you think they locally care about customer service.
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    In my center we are asked to submit a list of closings prior to a holiday. We are then asked to go through our cars prior to leaving to make sure that we don't have any commercial stops that are closed on the car. If we have stops with 5 or more packages that we did not know would be closed we are instructed not to sheet them and to notify the center so that they can come pick them up and exception code them as CLO HOL.

    Addresses with multiple commercial stops in which some are open and some are closed must be flagged by the PDS during the preload to make sure service is made to the open businesses. It doesn't matter if the consignee list is up to date or not as the system does not recognize consignee lists when determining whether a stop is open or closed---this must be done by hand by the PDS.

    There is no way that an entire apartment complex should be held simply because the office is closed unless we are specifically directed to make all deliveries directly to the office and are not allowed to make delivery attempts to individual apartments.

    I have been told that the reason for all of the emphasis on pulling CLO HOL from the cars is that scanning of these packages lowers our NDPPH.

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    I deliver to every individual apartment there is no reason for the entire complex to be held as closed other than laziness. The problem is ridiculous corporate rules and lazy management who don’t want to do there job.
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    They should just let us have the day off. It is a holiday. At least you can accuse UPS of being racist. We work on MLK day and Cinco de Mayo.
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    My center runs 30-32 routes, regularly. Yesterday, they ran 23. Someone was suspended for backing into the incorrect driveway. I am not kidding.
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    I am off this week but did prepare the closing list for my area last week. The only closings were schools, banks, government offices and my regular Monday closings. Surprisingly the college was open, which makes it much easier going in to Tuesday. 90% of my route was open.
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    Sometimes, the janitor is working and will take delivery, even if the school is closed. The schools in Watertown, usually, do that. I was lucky on my last route.
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    I had one stop closed. Still broke the route next to me. Thanks for the extra 40 miles.
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    This is the problem no one was closed for Presidents' Day. Like upstate said pretty much schools banks and post offices.

    Management treated it like the day after Christmas though. Oh well just like the week after Christmas I made bank last night.
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    That's just it.
    I don't see how UPS feels justified in not attempting every package, Presidents Day or not?
    How do they know that the bank manager, even though they are closed to customers, isn't coming in anyway to try and catch up and needs that 2nd Day letter?
    How do they know that the biology teacher at the school isn't there waiting for a package of live animals that need to be unboxed.
    It's for reasons like these, coupled with experience being able to complete deliveries although the consignee isn't open to the public, that leads me not to fill out closure requests from the company on days like Presidents Day.
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    I agree, as UPS treats employees of all nationalities and ethnicities equally poorly.
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    I'm off too sitting outside drinking a cold beer. It's 64 and sunny here. I wish I had some Cooperstown brewery beer though. It's good stuffing had some last year on my trip to Cooperstown.
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    It's cool, our center has a book to write closed holiday stops in it, they loaded sure post bags in trucks on Presidents Day.

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    Here is one of the 3 Res. held as closed yesterday just so the center doesn't have to many holiday closed on rd. Notice its a second air from UPS logistics, how funny is this. I could have easily deliver it yesterday but no my Sup. doesn't want to fix this problem, o well so much for customer service. I hope I didn't break any rules for posting this pic.

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    So mgmt comes out and picks these up ? That's easy money in my hub.