service question for the other cartage guys?

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    Is anyone else delivering 3day freight the next day? Today, and since we became ups csi I delivered a deffered 3day that was not due until wed. It was shipped on the 7th wich was Friday. I find it odd that they want us to give overnight service at a 3 day rate. Or is this just the way it goes is everyone else doing this. I asked my sup and he just told me that he doesnt want that freight hanging around, just take it out he said wich i have always done. Why would anyone want to ship am service when they could kind of take a gamble with the 3day and get it next day?
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    Cartage Dude...

    We deliver DF / DFG early if the shipment is complete and we can fit it in on the route

    Me thinks it is a win / win for us and the customer.

    We NEVER deliver SD / SDG early.

    One thing that is a NO NO is to deliver DF / DFG freight on your truck before an AM / AMG / CX or Gold shipment. Imagine a truck with three noon deadlines in the cargo box; you delivered two DF shipments with a 1700 deadline because you were going past them ANYWAY. Your truck breaks down and you have to explain your service failures to dispatch.

    That is our world.
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    Okay thanks aj :happy2:
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    I asked our IE guys about this the other day (in a completetly different discussion) he said if possible we get it out (so its not sitting around and if we have a influx of next day its gone and doesnt get bumped its scheduled delivery date), but it has with the customers permission bc some accounts are set up with penalties with early/late deliveries.