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    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler this defined in the contract? Is this considered coverage work?

    The reason I ask is because UPS is forcing me to take over an hour lunch. My F/T sup will not allow me to start before the start time on the 2nd shift. Despite the fact I punch in after my hour, the sup then changes my start time to the shifts start time because he refuses to pay me. IMO this is stealing and integrity issues. Meanwhile, a person with less seniority ( 5 years less) is doing setup in our area.

    Can I grieve this? Or is setup/pretrip considered "coverage work" in the national, which is only for part-timers?

    All the shop steward is doing is telling me to write down and keep track of hours. My F/T sup who handles my time is fixing the shorts from the 2nd half of the shift, thankfully, but I am tired of having to constantly be in the office for timecard issues. (this has been a weekly thing since October)
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    wow... just out of curiousity, is there contractual limit to how long they can force you to take your lunch? That sounds like something that would be covered in our contract language. What if tomorrow they ask you to take a 3 hour lunch?

    I drive a 10 hour shift every saturday, sometimes i spend about an hour waiting for another driver at the meet point. But I only take 30 min of that as break. I never even thought to question it. Now I think i better clear it with my sup to avoid any trouble.
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    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Well UPS wants me to take however long a lunch as possible. The contract states one hour for F/T. My bid:

    18:30 - 22:50 then 23:15 - 03:00 (1) hour lunch

    awesome, they give me :25 minutes in my bid for a lunch. The problem is the opposite though - there is more than an hour layoff currently between shifts.

    is your 30 minutes a paid break though? If so, I wouldn't say anything.
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    nope.. thats an unpaid break
  5. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Talk to a steward if that's the case. Don't bother asking the saturday sup, you probably won't like the answer :)
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    I have the same problem. The contract states that you cannot have more than 2 hrs of a gap between jobs. Unfortunately anything between that is fair game. The setup goes by seniority withing classification and work area. Now I am trying to get an answer as to what the company considers either of these terms. I have yet to figure it out. You should feel fortunate. I have a 2 hour gap, and it blows.
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    Isn't that language only in Article 40 and pertaining to Article 40 combo jobs (those with Air Driving as a part of the job?).

    That 2 hour gap should not apply to inside/inside jobs.
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    Inside employees are allowed one hour for lunch... not a minute more. It is not your fault you are sent to lunch and the next shift hasn't "started" yet. Once your hour is up, you should go back to your area and be able to do the setup.Talk to your union rep about grieving this. That or you can really cause some trouble, and start working after your hour, then when you are not paid for that time that you worked, go to loss prevention and tell them that your supervisor is stealing time from you.... though I would stick to talking to ur union rep or steward.