Sex, violence, drugs at Fedex...WOW!

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    I am aware this article is over two years old, but one of my sources confirmed me that both these managers are still employed by Fedex, can anyone corroborate? I was also told the SM in question is still "roaming around" and "doing his same old thing" somewhere in North Florida. Does anyone knows?

    Another source, very knowgeable and familiar with the case, reports that the senior also goes by his nickname "Dano"...(spanish for "danger").

    Unbelievable stuff!
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    So, you solved the 'Disappearance of Dano'???? :rofl:
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    The Senior is at ORLA,personnel,Memphis officials have already visited the station. The outcome? Last I saw he was still there.
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    By the way Peligro is the spanish word for danger.
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    Oh wait was that a joke ?
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    Si, our trabajo are in peligro.
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    That story is completely believable. After witnessing firsthand what goes on in our station I can believe anything. One Ops manager who is still there came into work drunk regularly, even passed out one day on the warehouse floor. She was involved in a love triangle with subordinates, involved in domestic violence, and we also suspected her of stealing iPods and iPhones. The senior covered up for her. I have seen it all.
    Another Ops manager was a porn addict who used to view porn in his office in between gallons of Mountain Dew and Bacon sandwiches. He treated his workgroup with disdain and retribution everyday.
    Management at FedEx are the thugs who are willing to do the dirty work of the company, it is the only reason they are promoted to begin with. It is really nice to see a story like this go public. we need more of them. Not carefully crafted PR stories about Pandas and blind seals. One day there will be a scandal on the news that will expose FedEx for the pathological, dysfunctional company they are.
    Every employee that survives FedEx is left with physical and emotional scars that will last forever. Was that your dream Fred?
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    OK, You are such a white boy!! lol....Just kidding, "mi trabajo está en problemas"
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    Trabajo's amigo.
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    Also wrong, Mi trabajo esta en peligro. Take a Wild guess what my nationality is.
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    Mi too, Yo tambien!
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    Sex, Mountain Dew and Bacon Sandwiches, sounds like a gross pervert to me. No telling what else he did in his office.
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    Sounds like the ideal day at the office to me...
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    D__s de mayo Bendice a ustedes dos, y pueden ustedes dos sobrevivir esto.

    I do not like to post HIS / Ha Shem's name in writing as a Jewish person.
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    It wouldn't be hard to find out. Just use the employee search feature on the intranet homepage. The only problem is you won't necessarily know if it's the same person; for instance there are over a dozen people working in various outfits of Fedex that share my first and last name.
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    That was my pidgin Spanish.
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    I am personally aware of several managers who were predators that were "reassigned" to different regions rather than being terminated. Kind of sounds like the Catholic church shipping it's dirty laundry around the country, doesn't it?

    On one hand, this shows the low regard Fedex has for hourly employees, and the reverence they have for managers...even terrible ones. Why should a proven commodity be allowed to continue doing their dirty deeds? And on the other, it shows how effing cheap they are, because they don't want to have to go through litigation to clean the filth from their house. If you are ever detained by FedEx and not allowed to leave,immediately dial 9-1-1, and report that you are being held against your will. This is a popular tactic that management and Corporate Security have been using for years, in the hope that you will be intimidated into making an incriminating statement or just be intimidated, period. Nothing like having a cop roll-up to the station Code 3 to get their attention.

    What a terrible, effed-up company.
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    Most manager I've known we're total numb nuts. They showed Total disregard and contempt for the law and for employees (hourly) that knew it. "Be safe out there and obey the law" . That meant, get your ass back before departure time and you better not make any mistakes that will cost me my AIC. It does not matter what you have to do, including, running over mothers with babies. Just don't get caught.

    As far as being held against your will. Well... FEDEX has rights to hold employees for a reasonable period of time if they are investigating misconduct.
    False imprisonment and unlawful detention are some hefty legal words you should know.
    You should know what they mean and when a manager crosses the line and commits one or both of these Unlawful acts. Make sure you've got a witness and evidence if this happens to you. After that, walk out the door and off FedEx property and call an attorney ASAP. CALL 911 right away if there are threats or physical restraints used against your will.

    Disclaimer; this statement should not be considered legal advice.
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    Are you Fredette?
    J/k but, you do know his sister's name is Fredette.