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    Is there anybody besides me who believes that the SFA is just lip service of "see we care how you feel" when in actuality its totally meaningless? Im in my 16th year as a courier, and not topped out now-nor will I prob ably EVER be topped out! Ooops.......2 different topics lol. SORRY
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    It's a great way to get rid of a bad manager.
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    I think we have seen the last of the SFA.
    Fedex Corp is going to be stripping away most of Express, I don't think they are going to even try to put on a charade.
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    The SFA is an artifact of a time when Express really did care about how it employees felt things were going.

    Now it exists for two purposes only.

    To gauge sentiment towards unionization.

    To gauge discontent towards station management.

    They ask the same bank of questions they always have (to enable direct comparisons between years), but they really don't give a damn what you think.

    For station management to be affected by a SFA score, the employees of a workgroup have to all act in unison and absolutely slam their manager. Very rarely happens. The ones that are the most fed up usually don't take it - thus sparing bad managers. Even then, the offending managers are sent to "charm school", where they are taught improved communications skills (It's not really MY fault that FedEx isn't paying you what you are worth - really...) and then sent back. If they tank the SFA the next year, the manager is often removed or reassigned.

    From what I heard, Express only alloted 30 minutes for SFA meeting this year. There was no review of last year's SFA at most stations, and the manager in the SFA meeting was instructed to write down "complaints" that existed then synthesize them into their report.

    There hasn't been any Feedback or Action for many, many years now. Only Survey to test for the two listed items above.
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    Heard that our sr mgr claimed only one employee in station didn't take SFA. I didn't, and know a handful of couriers who said they didn't. Makes me wonder if someone took it for us...
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    There's your problem. You only know what they tell you.
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    So... you have a Sr. Manager that claims only one didn't take it, a Courier who KNOWS that they didn't take it (using up that "one" non-taker) and a "handful" of Couriers who claim they also didn't take it. Then there are all the other Couriers at the station in question whose status as to whether they took it or not is unknown...

    Who is more credible, or more aptly put, is the Sr. Manager's account credible?

    Three guesses as to whether the Sr. Manager is telling the truth or not. You'll only need to use one.

    If you haven't figured out that FedEx management lies to the hourly employees as a routine matter of business, you really do need to have your head checked.

    I caught FedEx management in a bold faced lie during my 2nd month of employment with Express. When I confronted the manager about it (Sr. Manager), they first tried to deny they lied about the issue, then when confronted with a witness who caught them in the same lie, started accusing me and the witness of not "understanding" what they really intended.

    My comprehension of the spoken English language is excellent, along with my hearing and memory. This was the start of a long learning process on my part about what Express (and FedEx in general) was really about.
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    Ricochet1a, I totally agree with you. Lying is a day to day practice of FedEx management. I like yourself caught management lying many many times. For me the incident with the most significance was when I caught the senior manager shaving hours off of my weekly totals during peak. My hours were corrected and the whole incident was swept under the rug. After that we all kept photocopies of timecards for everyday worked.
    It is appalling that management should try to make their budget and numbers look better at the expense of the hourly couriers at the Holiday time when they are working the hardest and sacrificing the most.
    Second most serious lying offense was when one of the current managers passed out drunk while on duty during the sort. She was rolled outside on a doc. cart and whisked away in a personal vehicle. The senior and other managers covered it up saying "she was not feeling well". I know what alcohol smell likes and it was not the first time and probably was not the last.
    I could go on and on but what's the point, it won't change anything. Lying, manipulation, retaliation, intimidation, etc. just more tools to help management keep it together.
  9. 59 Dano

    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Slight correction -- they are resurveyed after "charm school" and before the next SFA to see if the employees are perceiving any progress on the manager's part. The managers I've known who went through that didn't recover.
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    My work group recently got a manager demoted and shipped off to another station by tanking his SFA.
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    To be exact, a courier asked our service assurance agent, a wonderful person by the way, if she had heard what the SFA results were. She said no, but apparently it went well because senior told her only one person in station didn't take it, and he seemed pretty happy about it. It struck that courier as very odd because he knew he didn't take it, and had been told by several other couriers that they hadn't. He asked me if I had, and I said no. That's when he told me the above. It's not my problem at all, but could be a serious problem for someone if it comes out that they took it for us. I'd have to wonder if posing as us would make FedEx vulnerable to a lawsuit, assuming it did happen?
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    Yep-exactly. They only tell us what they want us to hear. Meaningless propaganda

  13. Just remember there comes a price once your topped out. The bulls-eye becomes bigger on your back! YOU become "enemy of the state"!!
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    Negative 59 ! SFAs no longer get managers fired. After a few bad SFAs the manager may be required to go classes for training in how to improve he/she's SFA scores. That's about it.
  15. Did that happen out east?
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    Just decline to take SFA FOREVER ! I means nothing !