Shareholder voting proxy cards are ya all voting ???

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by Rhoderunner, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Rhoderunner

    Rhoderunner Active Member

    I'm thinking AGAINST all board members and FOR the 2 proposals in section B. :peaceful:
  2. hypo hanna

    hypo hanna Well-Known Member

    Not saying.... I'd like for it to be a surprise.

    Not like it would do much good. The board, executive officers and institutional investors hold way more shares then the employees. The big 3 only see quarterly returns. They could care less what they are doing to the company, or employees as long as they show a short term profit.
  3. Rhoderunner

    Rhoderunner Active Member

    Agree.....but it put a smile on my face to put a X in the AGAINST box on all those clowns !!!:happy-very: