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Hello everyone. I’m from Ontario, Ca working in NGSS (small sorts) and thought I would tell you my experience with gloves for the ladies. I started in March and have sorted packages, unload trucks, D Bag, handle bulk items...with and without gloves. Without my hands started to look worse than my husbands. I spent too much money so hope this info will help someone.
Gorilla grip gloves were cheap in price (I wear a small) but hard to find my size. They were thin but left a black glue like grime under my nails.
Reg garden gloves too thick (well I should have thought about the gloves I garden at work).
I ordered Tuff Chix pink gloves around $17 they were ok but unable to peel off labels from bags or use 10key to print labels with them on.
I ordered Ironclad gripworx gloves in med. good fit if you have long nails I could not print or peel labels without cutting the tips of thumb and middle finger (wrong size needed small)but grip on packages was amazing and hands were clean. About $20
Finally after contacting Ironclad asking about their gloves that would work for me doing different jobs the sent me their women’s med tactical pro gloves in black. What?! Exactly, I am not handling a gun I work with packages. Well I will never doubt this company again. These were the closest pair of gloves I was impressed. They have a snug fit, grips boxes well, has a spot to wipe off sweat, I can peel off labels (most of them) and can use 10key (fast enough) while my hands stood clean and cool. I haves to wash my arms if anything. Price around $18. Well that is all for now.


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$10-$13 fingerless mechanic gloves. Grippy, breathable, protect the knuckles and last 3-4 months a pop.