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    Has anyone else seen their start times rolled back again this week? In my district, it's happening both at the ramp to RTD's and at stations to couriers. It just seems a bit too coincidental that both took place at the same time, making me wonder if this is also a national phenomenon.

    The net effect, at least here, has been horrendously late ends to the AM sort and correspondingly bad leave building times and high late counts. This is more of the same old more in less time, but make sure you're "safe" and that you take full breaks. What a bunch of crap.

    Is this the way to provide "Purple Promise Behavior" and an "outstanding customer experience" each and every time? More double-speak and another attempt to squeeze a bit more blood from the employee turnip is more like it.

    Someday, a completely stressed-out and overloaded courier is going to hit a school bus, drive into a building, or something else equally horrific because Fred Smith wants to extract just that one extra bit of productivity from them. Or maybe they will snap and start picking-off fellow employees from the rooftop ala' the Post Office.

    Another Catch-22 scenario from your buddy Uncle Fred. If you want to get it all done you either cheat, drive in an unsafe manner, or short-change your customers on service excellence. In other words, you can't win.
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    I had to blink twice, thought you were describing UPS. I used to start at 8:10. Now it's officially 8:50 although I usually sneak out by 8:40. The 10:30 air commit time remains the same but they lop 1/2 hour off of the time you need to make service.
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    It takes me about 3 minutes to shave. I usually do it in the morning before work. Sometimes I can shave the night before and still look decent in the morning. If I am on vacation and shave the morning of my first day back, I can usually get away without shaving the next day. For some reason if I have not shaved in a while, it doesn't grow back as fast after that first shave. Then there are those Friday mornings of a long hard week that I wake up and say "Hell with it, I'm not going to shave at all today!" Those are my shaving hours!

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    Mr Fedup.. you think we have sympathy for you ? Go over to UPS and find out what real work is ! Do, your 12 hrs, be lucky if you even get time for a break.
    Never mind the big contacts UPS has with Walmart, Home Office, Costco, and all the other heavy lifting we do. Our trucks are packed to the roof.
    You think the other side is greener, then go for it !

    And sure, give me another bad reputation... they just turn up yellow and I don't lose points.
    Just proves what an idiot you are.
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    hey Klein, lighten up, relax, it`s the weekend
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    Yes, it's Sunday. I went to church to pray for him, to lose his job, so he can move on from his soo much disliked employment.


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    If you're talking about me, I've never given you any reputation points at all, so what are you talking about?

    As far as your 12 hr comment goes, most of us would love to get 12 instead of 8.5 or less. My whole point about shaving hours is that they expect us to do more in less time. Over here, we have an airplane to meet instead of a feeder and can't stay out until it's done. In short, our days have become even more compressed.
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    Oh, yeah. FedEx4Life recently stole my avatar, so I'm guessing he gave you the negative reputation. Since you weren't sharp enough to tell the difference, who is the idiot, eh?
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    We had a troll, fedex 4 life, that registered another account that resolved to look like mrfedex. That was the account that had left a negative rep comment for Klein.

    The troll has since been banned from our site because that is a major TOS violation. I was not aware of the rep comments but since I stumbled upon this thread the rep comments have been deleted.

    This stuff happens on forums. Please point out issues like this to myself or your favorite mod. That's what we do.

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    I opoligize..... but I kinda went thru hell with the other Mrfedex... came into chat, had nothing else to say, but that I'm a fa** ot and over and over again.
    I never did do anything wrong with you.
    Didn't even give you bad reps. Nothing.

    And we haven't spoken in a few weeks, not even on the same threads.... then out of nowhere, I get bad rep points the other day...(from what was to be seen as you).

    OK... don't blame me too much.. but I finally just lost it.

    btw: Tons of witnesses in chat, even moderators...that couldn't believe the behavior of "MRFedex" How would we know, it wasn't you ?
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    Thank you. I'm glad he's gone.
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    Shaving hours? nah I get 8.5-10 with a split now... unfortunately for the "non-productive" members of my loop, I'm getting their work.

    Now as for the flavor of the month P2 Stop Count accuracy, is getting out of hand..
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    Not good. This may have been a pure accident, but I worry that the way we are being pushed for extra productivity will lead to more tragedies like this one. Management says "Be safe, but don't have any lates". A true Catch-22 if there ever was one.
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    I only take the first part seriously, "Be Safe" It is much easier to explain a late than to explain an accident.
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    Exactly. Regardless of who is pushing a courier to do what, once he sits down in the truck and turns the key every decision made in that truck is his. A late package ain't gonna kill anyone.

    Running a red light to avoid a late might kill someone and, even worse, the package will still be late.
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    but seriously allready :smart: