She Finally Blew - Drewed, you alright?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by over9five, Mar 23, 2009.

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    "It looks like (Anchorage) might dodge the bullet," Alaska Volcano Observatory geophysicist Peter "Drewed" Cervelli told the Anchorage Daily News.
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    Re: She finally blew!

    pretty impressive
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    When I heard that something in Anchorage was spouting and spewing, the first thing I thought of was dewed.
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    Re: She finally blew!

    ...maybe she needed the money.
    Stole that one from Dice Clay.
    Whatever happened to that guy?
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    Re: She finally blew!

    Umm Celebrity Apprentice haha
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    Yea everythings Ok thus far, no ash in anchorage, it looks like we have some favorable winds at the moment and its taking a straight shot north.....however the eruption history of this volcano says we're in for a couple weeks-months of this so who knows at this point.
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    Dice was the first person fired fom Celebrity Apprentice....big goof ball !!
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    Tom Green was 2nd but I fell asleep before the 3rd was fired---was it Dennis Rodman?
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    Dennis Rodman is still there, but only because the men's team won. Looks like next week is an intervention for Dennis.....he drinks all day long....that's not just cranberry juice.
    The black model from Deal or No Deal (Claudia ??)was the project mgr. and got let go. She had a run-in with Melissa Rivers (Spoiled brat of this century).

    I'm enjoying the program and wonder how long Khloe Kardashian can sneak under the radar before the Donald catches her.