Sheet your pickups into special counts.

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  1. What exactly is 'Special Counts" I know where it is in the board and we use it, what about other centers. They keep adding non sense to the day but I guess thats the UPS way. I was trained to use Unscheduled pickup and enter address etc. 10 years ago. Now Unscheduled pickup is off limits. Now it's Special Counts, scan, enter number, big up.

    Now even at daily pickups, they want me to segregate stuff at pickups with their account number p/p and ars/rs/drop off stuff and enter scheduled pickup, select pickup, scan theirs, stop complete, than special counts and scan everything else.

    At my UPS store (about 120 pieces a day, through the front door on hand cart, they have no accessible rear door) I've always scanned all ars/rs, drop offs, etc. Than scanned their end of day for their own stuff, entered number and left. Now they want only the stores end of day scanned and entered. Than special counts for everything else.

    I scanned a pickup as special counts, than an hour later at lunch, tracked it on my phone out of curiosity. it did show picked up. So it is a legit pickup scan. However, special counts DO NOT show up under Timecard/Stats as pickup pieces, or show on the report the next day, and my neutral over allowed went up by .20-.30 daily when this started. I've got about 60 pieces per day in special counts, and I dont think I'm getting credit for them.

    Just curious, over allowed doesnt mean a thing to me.
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    We do 2 pickups at our UPS Store. One at the same time as the air. I go into special counts and scan all drop-offs and RS and ARS. Since they do not run the end of day at that time I then scan all their pickups with the DIAD. That gives me an accurate number pick up on their account.
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    Special counts in our center are used for stuff that you PU while delivering such as toner and whatnot. I also have a UPS store in which drop offs are printed on a report called remittance that the store prints out seperate if the end of day. I take the remittance report and end of day, add them, that's my PU total. I then take the remittance report, count the airs and add them with the end of day and are counted under REC A. I never scan anything besides the end of day at the UPS store.

    Ive been doing UPS stores like this forever and have yet to have anyone tell me to differently.
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    You are not getting credit when using special counts. I use special counts only for when people stop me on the road to give me a package, or customers that give me toner boxes. All other pickups, I use scheduled for scheduled pickups and unsheduled for businesses that I do not normally pickup but asked to do so. I was told when I first started that special counts does not count towards your total numbers and you do not get any credit. IMO I would rethink the way you handle that
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    Don't they get like a $1 a box from UPS when some one drops off a prepaid pkg? Maybe that has something to do with it. Scan with their,scan credit?
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    We aren't allowed to do unscheduled PU's anymore.
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    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    Normally when they ask me to do an unscheduled pickup, they will send the pickup to the board, but I will use unscheduled if they have a problem sending it to the board.
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    The only thing I pick up is my paycheck on Thursday. I think that is special.
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    Direct deposit is specialer.
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    Who said mine isn't direct-deposit? Still like to open that baby up and try to figure out what all the numbers mean.
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    The reason we can no longer use unscheduled pickup is because too many knuckleheads would sheet each package a customer handed you or every Internet package found at a stop as a separate pickup. Very simple. If they hand you a pkg, scan it in special counts. If at a pickup stop, simply add to your piece count, no scan. If you don't think you get credit in special counts, then instead of scanning into special counts, total them up throughout the day and add to a pickup stop. Not that complicated.
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    You did. You said you pick up your paycheck. A direct deposit statement isn't a paycheck ;)

    Hell, I don't even get those. I have to go online and save them. My first paycheck is framed on my wall. $0.52 baby!
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    Did you start in 1907?
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    Well, here in Upstate New York, some of us call "deposit advices" paychecks. I will try to work on that.
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    Brown: Nope, worked 2 days as a helper, and the borough took out the yearly wage tax in a lump sum. Had to borrow smoke money from the driver.

    Whatcha: You Upstate New Yorker's aren't too smart it looks like.
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    I'm assuming you mean the union initiation fee? That takes a bite out of many a first time helper paycheck. It's funny how they don't mention that in orientation.
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    No, it was really the wage tax. It's $52/yr, but they used to take it out all at once. They changed it to $1/wk now.
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    Interesting. If you start 3 jobs in a year does it repeat or is it a one time thing? Yearly?
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    If the jobs are in the same town, no. You only get hit once. If you have jobs in others, each municipality can charge separate ones. I think they changed the law recently though. Here, you pay fed/state/local income tax, but they tax you for the "privilege" of working in their town.
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    ...while others know that they don't need a "deposit advices" to see our paystub and have gone paperless direct deposit...

    I think it's hilarious to watch you guys get all nervous when the checks don't show up before we hit the road.