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    We received a PCM about no longer sheeting check for damage packages. We're supposed to call them in, then bring them to the clerk at night and they would file an exception report on them. This is on top of the misloads that they can't get to that we are also told not to sheet and just give them to the clerk.

    I was wondering what would happen if you brought back 3 or 4 unsheeted peices during a building audit, or do they even do those any more? Sup didn't have an answer just said to follow instructions.

    As a side note, did anyone else have Will Call taken out of your boards as a delivery disposition? We're being told to just sheet it as NI.
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Funny how we hold onto obsolete terms.
    How often do any of you actually "sheet" packages?

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    They are worried that when you sheet a package as damaged, they will automatically have to pay a claim on it. That is why they want you to bring it back to the building or get it out of your car in the morning. I am sure preload is told not to load damaged boxes.
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    We started that a few months ago, what a waste of our time. They usually try to get you to just deliver them and let the consignee deal with the shipper. When I see one that the box is damaged enough to raise suspicion in my mind, I call the sup and tell them I will not deliver this package, I am bring it in. Never had a problem so far. What I think may be the reasoning on this is sometimes a driver will record a misload as damaged so they don't have to deliver it. Plus, I'm sure some dm or DM said they wanted the "damages" cut back on the reports. Flavor of the month thing.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Honestly have no idea how that has become UPS vocabulary. All I know is what they mean when they say it. :happy2:
  6. trplnkl

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    Now that's highly possible.

    Yeah our loaders have been told not to load them, but they still do.

    Have you always been on the DIAD? Back when we were on paper, sheeting packages referred to the "sheets'' that we recorded them on.
  7. TSup

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    It has nothing to do with it automatically paying a damage

    One of the hot items this year is Responsible Damages. But what doesn't make sense is if you are on PAS and the package gets SPA'd your center is now responsible for the damage. So you not sheeting them really doesn't matter, of course unless you are not on PAS.
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    Sounds like there is a lot of falsifying of records going on in Maryland. The companies goal of total visibility to the customer is driving many managers to falsify records in order to satisfy their own numbers. To the point, it is nothing short of dishonest. I think I would ask for these questionable directives in writing. Don't think receiving it in the form of an OMS message is sufficient. I have repeatedly been told "that OMS message have been erased", "I can't print you a copy of that message", "they automatically cycle out", etc. How convenient? Amazingly though when a driver sends in a questionable message a hard copy is always available. CYA!!!! Get it in writing. If it seems questionable, question it. Maybe somebody can post the UPS help phone number. I have it in my locker at work. They may or may not be interested. It's worth a try.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I have always been on the Diad.

    Plus, what you said makes sense.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    It just goes to show you, when a hot issue goes through the District. Management will do everything they can to make themselves look good in front of the higher-ups. We can say they are falsifying records, but we have to follow orders.

    Regardless, this is not a union issue. Just do what they tell you. Within 2 months, this will be a memory because there will be ANOTHER hot issue.
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    It's about the visibility to the customer as eluded to earlier. Customers tracking package. Sees it as damaged the day it was supposed to arrive. Then when the rewrap version arrives the next day, they refuse it. I see it as an effort to defraud the customer.
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Or elude visibility.
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    I used to think it was "shooting" packages, as in shooting the barcode with the laser...lame, I know.
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    Not really...maybe a little embarrassing. :wink2:
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    Six of one...

    Go ahead Hoaxster, I know you like to put your own touch on a cliche.
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    Last time I sheeted a package it was 1990:happy2:
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    I think i just sheet my pants
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    I have been waiting for this topic!! Here we go a few days ago I had a basic package to be delivered to a post office. The Postmaster caught the mistake, the package had the wrong zip code. So I called the center and they said to sheet it as a future. A few days before that I had a misloaded package called the center and was told to sheet as a future. Anyone else getting told to sheet all non-delivered packages as futures?? I feel this is wrong!
  19. brownmonster

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    Quit calling the center. Sheet it as it is, bad address and missed.
  20. McLeod

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    Our center requires us to notify them pronto of any misloaded packages.