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You can make an arguement for this to be part of "Life After UPS".....but isn't technology a major part of your job now. What will it be like in a few years.

After seeing this video "Shift Happens" on Youtube, I would be curious as to your ideas or better yet predictions of what new kind of UPS technological advances could be made to make your job easier, provide better service and move the company to the next level. After seeing this video you will know what I am talking about!

For example - DIAD - look at what this piece of technology provided UPS, our drivers and our customers.

Be ready to stop the video just to take in the information it provides.

It is hard to wrap your brain around the theory of exponential advancement.

Here is the link to the video:

Did You Know 2.0


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That was really interesting, I had heard of exponential advancement but that video illustrates the concept in an interesting and entertaining way. It's all a little overwhelming when you really think about it...

Thanks for sharing :thumbup1:


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For some reason, not sure why, but this video makes me glad I'm 60.

My biggest computer talent is sending fantastic e-mail letters to friends.

This video shows a future that won't include me much. I'm afraid I'm not partial to much change. I still write checks and mail my bills. I still write real letters to the grandkids every week so they can experience the thrill of getting mail.

I know I can search for any information I want on Yahoo (refuse to use Google). Sometimes I get more info. than I bargained in the meatball fiasco. I'm about as advanced as I am going to get in regards to the choice.

The video was astonishing !!:w00t:


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I can definitely see "Smart" tags being used in the future. It'll do away with all maual scanning in the hubs and preloads and provide better information. The tech is still too costlly to use on a giant scale but it'll probably come down in price like everything else someday......

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I have some of the same sentiment! I am a gadget nut and I am worried I am going to get left behind.

My real concern is how other countries have assimilated the American culture. Prior to this year, it had been awhile since I traveled extensively out of the US. You could see a big difference in the standard of living and language as well as the clothing and shoes.

Now, I cannot tell who is American and who isn't. Most people in tourist locations speak English. The standard of living is comparible in many areas. I marvel how an Italian speaks to a German and the common language is English. much longer will the good old USA be the most powerful nation in the world??? I think we are on the verge of big change in the near future.


Somehow I missed this thread...what a great little video...
moreluck, I`m curious why you hate google.
I found an upgraded version of this video.
Its not a lot different but it seems to move along faster.



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When I need to search something, I always get the quickest, to the point answers from Yahoo.

I can enter my question in any "dummy" form and Yahoo understands me.

The few times I did use Google, I found it frustrating and not very helpful.

I guess it's just a personal preference. One site is more user friendly IMO


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UPSlifer, I've watched this video multiple times and am still amazed by the concept every time I watch it.

Thanks again for sharing it.

The smart tag idea seems to be a technology that would be used at UPS in many different applications. Any other ideas out there?

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Back in 1980, when I was a preload supervisor - we use to color code charts when preloaders were sick. I could spend an hour color coding. I came up with the Sequence Range Chart to make it easier to load. I knew one day that packages would "tell" us where in the car they should be loaded. I didn't kknow how this would happen but I knew it would.

I predict the DIAD will become the main tool for all drivers for every part of the job.

Somewhere in the future, the DIAD will be able to predict the time of arrival (at the doorstep) of each package being delivered. It will take the driver's personal driving and delivery habits as well as weather/traffic conditions into consideration. The DIAD will electronically notify the consignee that the package will be delivered within 15 minutes. The DIAD will be a true mobile computer with access to the World Wide Web. If a customer asks what is in the package...the driver will know because the invoice will be accessed imediately as the tracking number or smart tag is scanned. The DIAD will guide the driver to each individual stop using GPS as well as metropolitan up-to-date traffic info. It will take the most effiecient path to get to each stop.

There will be smart chips that lock the vehicle and re-open it when the driver is within range.

Each driver will also have a smart chip that records all data and driving habits as well as areas the driver has driven. Utility drivers will be paired to routes through the experience and seniority from the information that is recorded in the chip.

The smart chips will be in each vehicle and each DIAD and each driver wil have one that is wirelessly connected to the DIAD and vehicle.

Management will make sure that the drivers and vehicles are paired correctly and will "approve" the dispatched routes. They will also be responsible for perfect service - safety - training - customer/employee satisfaction. There will be technicians that take care of customer concerns and record customer habits into the data system so that UPS can provide the best possible service based on the individual customer's habits and preferences.
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There will be smart chips that lock the vehicle and re-open it when the driver is within range.

The technology (or similar if not exact) is already starting to pop up in the newest cars that are coming out. I don't doubt Uncle Parcel puts it in the trucks....50 years after its in the majority of all cars on the road :wink:

You know how quick they are to replace package cars haha