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    i work at a large hub in north east florida as a part time shifter my question is are there any places in the country that allows there part time shifters to re-bid (anually)on there existing jobs like the fulltime shifters do every not talking about new jobs as they come up im talking about wiping the slate clean and starting with the highest senior person and biding out jobs in seniorty order. i hope someone can help
  2. feeder53

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    I do not believe we have P/T shifters in our terminal.
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    I know we don't have them in the whole state.
    this got me thinking..about what jobs are pt and ft around the country.
    like here
    porters are fulltime not 22.3 fulltime
    clerks are fulltime same as above
    feeders are fulltime former pkg drivers or off the street hires
    shifters are fulltime bid jobs for feeder drivers only
    car wash are 22.3
    air drivers are a mix of 22.3 and pt
    drivers are fulltime no 22.3 combos
    mechanics are fulltime as far as i know.

    what about where you are ?
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    I here in some parts of the country parttimers fuel the trucks, is that true? In our center we fuel and unload our airs ourselves.
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    At the hub i work at we have part time fuelers. they also wash the package cars.
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    True in my center. PTers shift the cars in and out of unload and fuel them.

    No porter. That duty is subcontracted out.
    PT clerks.
    PT shifters
    car wash are 22.3
    air drivers are a mix of 22.3 and pt
    drivers are fulltime NO PT cover drivers
  7. TheYellowBusRider

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    I was wondering what 22.3 means?
  8. If I am not mistaken it refers to article 22.3 of the union contract.

    In our center the shifter job is a full time spot that is only open to bid for part timers. They sort and load and every now and then they get called to take a trailer off the door or put a new one on.
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    I was told that we feeders had to wash our tractors and refuel them after each shift. When I would come back off the road towards the end of my shift I would be asked to work the yard shifting. There waas also two or three shifters with yard horses doing moves.
  10. freeloader

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    I used to shift in a building that only had a local sort and a preload. I was the PT local sort shifter and there was another PT preload shifter and also a third guy who did the tractor wash/fueling in the morning and covered us when we went on vacation. The PT preload shifter retired and the tractor wash guy became FT doing shifting for the preload and tractor wash afterwards. We never needed feeders to do anything unless we were really in a pinch. The shifters didn't belong to feeders, they belonged to either the preload or local sort.

    Larger hubs with multiple sorts probably have several FT shifters and I believe they are part of the feeders department and bid accordingly.
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    Sign every bid sheet on anything that comes up things will happen you can always say no till you get the one when you want to say yes. good luck keep checking those sheets.