Shipping accounts are hijacked for scams and crimes

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    Shipping accounts are hijacked for scams and crimes - Chicago Tribune

    This sly form of theft, in which thieves swipe shipping account numbers, has become a key part of nationwide scams and criminal enterprises.

    Scammers get free and undetectable ways to ship, while unsuspecting consumers receive legitimate-looking packages that lend credibility to scams. Stolen shipping accounts also are used to move drugs and stolen products throughout the country. Companies or agencies often just pay their bills and don't notice extra shipping charges posted to their account.

    FedEx and UPS, the nation's two largest shipping carriers, say fraud is an industry problem but they work hard to stop it and refund customers' money.

    However, the Tribune found that shipping carriers, law enforcement and customers themselves often make it easier to commit the crimes, leaving consumers and shipping account holders at risk.