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    Hello I recently bought an item off E-bay. It is going to end up where I work, how do I go about having it being on hold there so I can pick my item up faster? I contacted the seller and asked him to hold it there at my hub. What did I do wrong, or have to do?

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  2. splozi

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    The shipper should be able to have the item held at the center by calling the 800 number.

    If you work for UPS, you can have them will-call the package for you, based on the delivery address or tracking number.

    Otherwise, one delivery attempt must be made before it can be held for pick-up.
  3. p228

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    Ask your manager to put a package intercept on it.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I'm pretty positive that can only be done by the shipper ! Plus, it costs extra for that to be done.
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    A local intercept can be placed on a package in GSS at the hub.
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    Give the tracking number to the PDS and the package will be held at the center.