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  1. tre305

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    hey guys, i have a little problem on my hands

    i recently placed an order for some stuff on ebay for my car...about 4 items.
    i paid em all thru paypal and used my hub (UPS) as the shipping address since most of the stuff i buy is shipped via UPS it'd make it easier for me to get since i work in the building it comes to.

    well two of the items i ordered are being sent via FedEx and USPS. i used the hubs address on both and when i called the 1-800 number for both USPS and FedEx to see if they could change the shipping address they told me the person who sent it would have to do it.

    so i emailed the persons i brought the stuff from and one told me he couldnt do it b/c of chargeback and the other one i havent heard from yet.

    my question to anyone out there is...what would happen when my packages when they gets down here? i know in our building we get packages that belong to USPS and FedEx all the they get to us? i have no idea.

    the only thing i can think of for the one with FedEx is to call and have it placed on hold i guess but would i get in trouble with my management having packages from other parcel services delivered to our building?

    any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
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    I think usps and fedex will just deliver the pkgs to the hub.
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    We get packages from Fedex on our feeders all the time and they usually set around at the center for several days before management calls someone to come pick them up......Had some medication set for over a week a few months back before a call was made. I would think you could call FedEx and get a will call put on it at their building, keep an eye on it's tracking info and then go down and pick it up.....The PO on the other hand will prob be a different story. Their online tracking system is pitiful and so out of date..The last time I had something tracked on USPS it showed when it was picked up and 5 days later showed delivered....nothing else. Don't know if you can have a hold put on anything there or not...........Good luck............
  4. tre305

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    same thing with us, i have a whole pile of fedex and usps packages sitting at my clerk station right now. but your def right, the one i do have coming via usps us showing the departure scan and i know i wont see anything else until it gets here. i just got off the phone with fedex and they couldnt find anything with the tracking number i gave them. they said maybe the shipper still has the package and it hasent gotten to them yet so maybe they still have a chane to change the address. i emailed the shipper again to see so im waiting on a reply.

    if worse comes to worse ill ask my sup. tomorrow when i go in to see what i can do. maybe ill have to wait around for them to come. lol its funny b/c i always wondered how a fedex driver would feel putting into the lot of ups hub.
  5. trplnkl

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    The FedEx and USPS packages you are talking about showing up at the centers are supposed to be shipped through them but some how (could be many reasons) end up in our system. You two packages are a different situation.
    The FedEx package; you should be able to have it held for pickup as mentioned.
    The USPS package (if addressed to the center/hub physical address) should be delivered without a hitch. The trouble may come when you try to locate it in the center. Ask around and find out who usually brings the mail into the building.
    As far as getting into trouble for competitors delivering to the building, it should not be a problem. You may have to take some kidding about it, but nothing serious.
  6. tarbar66

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    I have seen FedEx, all freight companies and the USPS deliver to UPS over the years. You should not have any problems!
  7. rod

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    just make sure whoever gets the mail or signs for pkgs knows you have something coming