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    So we almost all have a qvc or amazon lady on our route that gets multiple packages everyday. I covered a route this week that I rarely do but had a package for an address that I remember. Amazon lady could get up to 15 packages a day. This day she was outside and asked me to back down because she had a bunch of stuff to return. When I tried to deliver the package she pulls out 2 large note cards with tracking numbers front and back. She then proceeds to go through her list and tell me she is refusing today's package. I refuse it and head to the pile of returns. There is not a return label on anything. She had 30-40 boxes. I said I can't take these there is no return label. She said I'm refusing them. Long story short apparently the "regular" driver takes them. I would not was I right?
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    If they have already been delivered she needs a call tag but if she calls the center they might tell you to pick them up and rts them.
  3. If the parcels had been open you were right.
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    If the packages were not opened i would sheet them all as refused. I had a QVC lady that had a compulsion to order, but could not afford what she bought. She would refuse 90 percent of everything that i delivered.
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    If they havent been opened then you can but if they've been opened then she needs return labels which are easily provided by amazon online. Sounds like this qvc lady out my way. Orders everyday but wants to refuse 99% of them after opening them. Them people need help.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    This is my problem with it ups can't afford to ship everything back for free. She has no loyalty to the company I promise. It gets delivered by whoever said company ships with. They are the one with the problem and take advantage of the system by refusing packages after getting their fix.
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    If the box wasn't open I'll take it and sheet as refused. If it was open I explain to them they need to call and have the shipper send a Call Tag as this protect both UPS and them from any problems.
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    Don't worry UPS is making plenty of money if refused packages are costing the company money I'm sure you would be hearing about it..
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    If the pkgs had not been opened I would have taken them back. UPS gets paid both ways for shipping. The shipper may pass along the costs to the consignee for a return without an authorization number.
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    If the box hasn't been opened, then it can be refused. This doesn't happen often.
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    I like this answer the best.
    Let somebody else make these decisions.

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    As far as I'm concerned
    When UPS is paid for shipping the package, UPS accepts that it can be shipped, attempted 3 times, held for the customer for 7 (?) days, and RTS'd back

    I know it isn't policy to RTS a package that is given back to us, but I will do it only if it's not opened and was driver released in the past week
    Why beat around the bush and make the customer call the center and ask for the RTS. We would get the message anyways to pick up regardless.
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    If a package is returned improperly it is not impossible for UPS and/or the driver being held responsible for the cost of the merchandise should the shipper choose not to honor the return. I've never actually heard of that happening.

    I just explain that I cannot make decisions regarding a merchandise return. That responsibilty belongs to the shipper.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I have never heard of UPS or the driver being held accountable for a RTS'd package.

    This thread is 100% about a driver releasable residential delivery. I think every driver should say no to being given a package back from a commercial consignee most times. I have done favors a few times to some of my regular commercial customers. If there was a package they might need to refuse but are unsure, I tell them to not open the box and if it is unwanted I will RTS when I do pickups or deliver the next day. This is to keep from standing around for 10 minutes and wasting time.
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    Indecision says that this is customer service.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member


    Then we all should be over 12 everyday

    I will stick with giving my customer 6 hours to figure it out than 6 minutes, that's also great customer service :)
  17. menotyou

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    Whether the lady has a label or not, she is paying for the shipping. It's $6.95 automatically for QVC. As far as taking the packages, it isn;t policy, but it does seem to be a "past practice". Keep her happy and rts them.
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    I covered a route that had a QVC lady that returned lots of packages. Every Friday, she would have a stack on her porch that had to go back. The week I ran it, there was an NDA for her neighbor, so I delivered her stuff. Turned out, she did not have anything else for a few days and the window closed for quite a few of the packages she meant to return. The regular driver said that that episode cut back her orders quite a bit.

    Evidently an expensive lesson learned.
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    UPS changed the tariff rules 6 or 7 years ago, no more free returns. The original shipper has to pay the freight for the return to them.

    At least that is how I remember it.
  20. DS

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    Don't accept any pkgs unless there is a call tag or RS label supplied.
    If the customer insists,fill out a manual waybill with the shippers account #
    and check off the collect square.These folks have to learn that everything costs money.