Shopping for Bargains in the Transports

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    Shopping for Bargains in the Transports - The Street
    Package carriers felt the pressure when FedEx gapped down from a 52-week high in December after issuing downside guidance for 2010. However, United Parcel Service has bucked the tide, holding up well in January and then gapping higher after the company did the opposite of FedEx and raised its outlook.

    The rally in UPS carried to $63.38 before the stock topped out and rolled over with the broad market last week. The subsequent decline has now filled the big breakout gap and dropped into the 50-day moving average. This is a natural spot for a recovery effort and a resumption of the company's strong uptrend.

    The package carriers' two-sided performance adds considerable confusion to the mix, because it's sending conflicting signals about the current state of the economy. In a way, the inconsistency makes sense because broad economic data is reporting expansion but offering little hope that growth will increase in the months ahead.