Short term disability and FMLA

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  1. doodoo brown

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    Anyone heard of having to take a fitness for duty exam (drug test) when you come back from short term or fmla.
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  2. stink219

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    Fit for duty is different than drug test. They could have you take a physical after a potential injury. You could bring reproach on the drug test being that it was not random.
  3. BURMDPsupe

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    If it is required, make sure you have a list of all medications that were prescribed by your doctor(s) and take that list to the drug test. Cover your 6!

  4. doodoo brown

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    Here they call fit for duty a drug test. I'm not in feeders so random has nothing to do with it.
  5. PiedmontSteward

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    Never heard of someone being random drug tested after coming back from FMLA. The only time someone should be drug tested is after a serious accident or if two supervisors trained in "drug awareness" can meet a certain threshold of observed behaviors. Also, the employee can opt to give a blood test at the same time they provide a urine sample.
  6. cachsux

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    Call the DOL. They're the experts.
  7. UPS Preloader

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    If you out on disability or FMLA due to a physical disability all they will do is make sure that you are "Fit for duty" and capable of performing your job. If your out due to a drug related disability you will most likely be drug tested.
  8. sortaisle

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    Why does it matter? And this seems random enough since injuries are random as well. If you have nothing to hide, why make a fuss? I don't have a problem with UPS protecting their 6 by drug testing after an injury. Bring a list of meds you take and if you're dirty, wait the required time to clean your system out and then test. Protect your 6 (arse.)
  9. didyousheetit

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    I know this isn't the best thread for this following question. My mother-in-law has a question about if you are able to file for disability ( which is covered by her company) while she is actively working. She has been placed on temp disability by her dr a couple of times now for stress and anxiety. Then in the past two months she lost both her mother and father. She's isn't coping well now. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  10. tomuchdrama

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    How do i get the paperwork rolling on short term disability.Have stones an will be out @least two more weeks.Have missed 3 days last week an all of this week,an could miss more days after my dr takes them out on 12/10.
  11. ScottyG07

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    I am going back to work tomorrow, was out for two weeks. Make sure you call human resources right away. You have to fax a form to teamcare as well, then call them to make sure they got it. I have not gotten paid yet, they say it takes 10 to 14 days from the time they get the completed form.
  12. Mugarolla

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    If you are not a feeder driver, they can only drug test you if they have probable cause, two sups agree that you act like you are on drugs "while working."

    The only other time is if you have been caught before and entered their rehab program. Once you come back, they can randomly test you for the next year.

    They can require you to take a fitness for duty physical anytime you are off for an injury or illness, but cannot drug test you.
  13. tomuchdrama

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    thanks should be back @ work by the 18th.