Short Term Disability + Benefits Question

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    So I hurt my wrist outside of work recently and will be out 6 weeks. Since the injury was outside of work, I was told to sign up for disability. My question is, being out for this long period of time, how exactly will this affect my benefits at ups? I know normally you can only miss about 4 days in a month before your benefits get terminated for not making enough hours for the month to keep our benefits active. Anyone have any information regarding this? Thank you for any help!
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    Call HR. Your supervisor can get the number. You will need to call your insurance carrier or go to their website to learn what YOU have to do to receive short term disability.
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    It's odd I see this all the time and I was just on short term disability last year for my appendix. I never lost benefits and I never even asked. I just called the people and got a pay check for every week I was out. I'm not saying you should do this, I just never knew myself. I guess I was uniformed about this. Maybe I had someone watching out for me, I don't know, I just never knew you could lose benefits.