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    I have learned through the years not to trust the payroll dept. Lately I've noticed that my checks are shorted 3/100's or so per pay period. At first I thought it was my mistake but now I compare my paystub with the payroll in the sup's computer and my hrs worked have been more by those 3/100's. It sounds petty, but that amounts to $1.35 per week. Thats almost 10 hrs worth of that raise we got.
    Has anyone else noticed the same thing?
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    our operations managers go into the computers and change peoples clock it/clock out times all the time, they do it especially to the dockworkers which is funny because they dont pay those part time dockworkers anything
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    Just think how much it saves the company if they shave 3/100's off every bodies time card...
    ;) go get em.